Chappelle Booed While Walking Off Stage

By admin | 4 years ago

Standup comic David Chappelle was performing in Hartford, Connecticut at the Funny or Die Comedy & Curiosity Festival when he found himself receiving an unpleasant welcome on Thursday night.

Local reports made by sources at the festival and from a video captured by a fan, say the comedian walked off the stage in the middle of his performance. He told the crowd he liked some of them, hated some of them, would forgive some and would not forgive others.

Members of the audience said that the performance by Chappelle was going along well, until he just stopped telling jokes and decided to read passages out of a book, ramble on about different subjects, insult fans and smoke cigarettes.

One audience member said the fans started out supportive of this routine, but once he stopped his performance, the crowd turned on him.

Another member of the audience said the show was great for the first ten minutes. She said it was typical with people yelling out comments occasionally, but every time a person screamed out, Chappelle would stop talking and tell the crowd how bad they were.

The cheers for Chappelle before and during the show eventually changed to boos, as the room filled with tension, following the obligatory 25 minutes performers are required to make.

He told the audience after another member had yelled out something that he had plenty of cigarettes and water and could sit there all night.

He spoke of a story about Richard Pryor when he opened for the comedian at the age of 19. He said how Richard told the audience he was sick and could not perform well, but the truth was he had not been sick, the act was just horrible.

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