This Character Will Not Be A Villain In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Character Will Not Be A Villain In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3
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Legends of Tomorrow is gearing up for its third season. The team in the previous season meddled with time and now will be witnessing the consequences of it.

An update about one of the members of the team has revealed information about what will he be up to in the new season.

Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow season 3

Screen Rant reported that Rip Hunter who was responsible for forming the team and bringing them all together will be taking on a new job in the new season.

He will be running a new bureau called the Time Bureau and will be responsible for policing time and checking on potential anomalies. After his protests went unheeded by his team in the previous season, he will be taking this duty to police time even more seriously.

This also means that there would be moments when he would not approve of the way his former teammates work. With this happening, he might find himself at loggerheads with them.

Executive Producer’s statement

Despite the fact that he might end up clashing with his former teammates, it does not mean that he will serve as the villain in the new season. EP Marc Guggenheim elaborated on the role Hunter will be playing.

Guggenheim stated that Hunter would simply try to do his job more efficiently. After the repercussions that Legends brought with their time meddling activity, he will try to follow rules and get things done.

Since his former teammates have a more unorthodox way of moving around time and protecting the world, that might lead to some occasional clashes. Eventually, he could still team up with the Legends to do the right thing.

Third season’s synopsis

Legends of Tomorrow’s third season’s synopsis was released some time back. The synopsis also addressed a potential clash that could happen between Hunter’s Time Bureau and the Legends.

The clash would happen because of Hunter questioning Legends’ way of dealing with time travel and not thinking about the consequences. The team, on the other hand, will counter-question Time Bureau’s authority over the timeline.

Despite their differences, both the Time Bureau and the Legends will have to unite when some other character pops up as the main villain. Once that happens, it would be their responsibility to stop him/her. The main villain for the third season was not revealed but it can be expected that some new DC supervillain will fill that slot.

Expectations from Rip Hunter in season 3

Since he is no longer a part of the Legends, it can be expected that he will set some priorities for himself. As mentioned above one of the priorities would be to police time and make sure that there are no drastic changes made to the timeline.

Second responsibility would be to keep the team in check because they tend to break all kinds of rules while saving the world. Hunter would also look forward to recruiting some new members in the Time Bureau because the show is all set to introduce new characters in the season. Most importantly it would be good to see him reunite with his former team in whatever capacity possible.


Legends of Tomorrow centers on a team of men and women that first came together when a time-traveller recruited them to stop an immortal man from destroying the world.

After they defeated Vandal Savage and Legion of Doom in the second season, the superhero team will now move on to their next adventure. The team of extraordinary individuals has also collaborated with heroes like Arrow, Supergirl, and Flash to save the world from destruction.

Premiere date

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 will premiere this year on Oct. 10 on The CW.


Photo source: Facebook/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Facebook/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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