Charlie Hunnam Admits ‘Crimson Peak’ Is A Small Role After Big Fame Role In ‘Sons of Anarchy;’ Doesn’t Regret His Decision!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Charlie Hunnam Admits ‘Crimson Peak’ Is A Small Role After Big Fame Role In ‘Sons of Anarchy;’ Doesn’t Regret His Decision!

Charlie Hunnam will be next seen this October in kinky horror flick “Crimson Peak” with Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska. Fans of Charlie Hunnam had been wondering the small role of him in horror film “Crimson Peak.” The movie plot and promotion has bigger shares towards the other three cast members, so why did Charlie Hunnam say yes to “Crimson Peak?”

Charlie Hunnam had bid his goodbye to famous Jax Teller of “Sons of Anarchy” before it had come back with the prequel. The buttfuzz casanova Charlie Hunnam chose to do “Crimson Peak” for Guillermo del Toro. And he doesn’t regret this decision. In his interview with Details, Charlie Hunnam opened up about the gothic romance epic “Crimson Peak” which is already receiving comparisons to “Jane Eyre.”

Many had speculated that Charlie Hunnam would not go with the role of Dr. Alan McMichael in “Crimson Peak,” the man insanely in love with Sir Thomas Sharpe’s (house’ owner) wife. Since the role is so small, it did not go with a celebrity who had just played Jax Teller in “Sons of Anarchy.”

Keeping behind all the speculations, Charlie Hunnam did play his part in the movie and he has a classic answer to people who question him about his choices. Hunnam says, “People were like, “What the fuck are you doing?” but I’m doing exactly what I damn well please. That’s my answer.”

Charlie Hunnam also added that he thinks that “Crimson Peak” is one of the best Guillermo del Toro’s film and adds that Guillermo is “absolutely in his wheelhouse.”

Jessica Chastain and Charlie Hunnam had praises for each other all along the movie. Jessica Chastain thinks Charlie Hunnam is ‘absolutely gorgeous’. Charlie Hunnam calls Jessica Chastain ‘wonderful.’

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