Charlie Hunnam Might Be the New Snake Plissken in the Fox Remake of ‘Escape from New York’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Charlie Hunnam Might Be the New Snake Plissken in the Fox Remake of ‘Escape from New York’

When it comes to stars who are currently in demand in the television and film industry, one cannot deny that “Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur” star Charlie Hunnam is one of the names that come to mind, as the star has already had several notable movies and a highly successful television series under his belt. However, whispers are once again circulating that the star might just be up for another iconic, cult favorite film that is being remade, along with some other notable stars. Read on to learn more about what cult film remake Charlie Hunnam is being considered for.

Recently, Inquistr has been making the rounds once more that “The Lost City of Z” star Charlie Hunnam might play the iconic role of Snake Plissken, which was originated by Kurt Russell, in the remake of the John Carpenter 1980s cult film, “Escape from New York.”

The remake has been in development for quite some time, and has changed hands several times, with the latest, according to Deadline, being Fox, as it bought the rights to the film in January 2015.

John Carpenter himself will be an executive producer for the film, so that he will be able to have creative control over it, and Mike Ireland from Fox will oversee the entire thing.

“Escape from New York” is set in a dystopic, grim and gritty future, in which Snake Plissken, a patch eyed convict and former Special Forces Operative, is instructed to find the missing President of the United, who was on his way to a peace summit to help stave of World War III, and is told to deliver him a tape that would seal the deal on keeping the peace, in twenty two hours or else Plissken explodes.

It seems like Fox and other studios that handled the project hoped that the remake would launch a film franchise based on it.

Hunnam, who is now a bankable and an in-demand star today, has been rumored to be in consideration for the role of the iconic Snake Plissken, along with other stars such as Jon Bernthal and Dan Stevens.

Hunnam, who is currently filming the Brad Pitt produced film, “The Lost City of Z” and who will be filming “Pacific Rim 2: Maelstrom” later this year, seems like a good candidate for the role, as the actor is no stranger to playing tough characters with a strong physique.

Do you think that Charlie Hunnam would do justice to Snake Plissken? Who else would you like to see as Plissken? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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