Charlie Hunnam Now Interested In Playing Green Arrow After Initial Refusal

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Charlie Hunnam Now Interested In Playing Green Arrow After Initial Refusal

Charlie Hunnam seems to have had a change of heart. He is now more accepting of roles fans want him to play. After throwing his name in the ring for James Bond, he has now expressed interest in playing a role that fans absolutely want him to play.

Hunnam’s changed statement

Screen Rant reported the statement that Hunnam recently gave about playing DC’s Emerald archer. Contrary to his previous statement, this time, he sounded more interested in the character.

According to the outlet, the actor was told the reason why fans want him to play the superhero is that he looks a lot like the superhero.

Upon learning that there has been no movie on the hero yet, he turned to the camera and expressed his desire for DC to approach him.

Hunnam’s previous statement had reported Hunnam’s old statement that he made just a few months back. At the time when he was asked about the hero, he clarified that he has no interest in the superhero genre nor has he seen any superhero movies.

He even added that he is unaware of Green Arrow and does not see doing a movie like that in his career.


There is no question about Hunnam being suitable for the role. He resembles Green Arrow looks.

Additionally, he is also well-built and has the intensity that will be required for the character. Fan arts have shown that Hunnam was born to portray the hero in DCEU.

There is one fan art in particular in which half of his face has been turned into Green Arrow’s face. This fan art has received huge support from fans leading to them declaring Hunnam as the only suitable actor for the hero.

Inclusion in DCEU

While there has been no official inclusion of Green Arrow in DCEU, there have been reports that he already exists in the same cinematic universe. This update comes from one of the old promotional material that was used for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

In order to show just how successful Batman’s Wayne Enterprise is, it was compared with other big enterprises in DC universe. LexCorp, Queen Industries and many others were included in the list of enterprises.

The inclusion of Queen Industries led to many believing that Green Arrow is already a part of this universe. Since Green Arrow’s real name is Oliver Queen, it did not take much time for fans to figure it out.

Having Green Arrow in DCEU would be beneficial because he happens to be a very significant character.


There has been no announcement for a Green Arrow film yet. But if it is announced soon, it would perhaps be an origin story and look into establishing the Emerald archer properly in the DCEU.

It could also explore side characters from the Green Arrow-verse and give fans the movie they have been waiting for.


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