Charlie Hunnam: Unknown Facts About The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Charlie Hunnam: Unknown Facts About The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Sons of Anarchy | ‘King Arthur’ Charlie Hunnam previously shared a sex scene with ‘Game of Thrones’ star Aiden Gillan.[Watch Video]

The English actor and screenwriter, Charlie Hunnam is mainly known for his roles as Jackson “Jax” Teller in the television drama series titled “Sons of Anarchy.” We have also seen him playing the lead role in the movie “Nicholas Nickleby” in 2002. But, do we know some hidden facts about the “Sons of Anarchy” star? You will be amazed while going through it.

Hunnam’s father was a gangster and a scrap-metal dealer. According to Inquisitr, his father made money outside the law.

“My dad was a real hard guy. He made money outside of the law. So, I was very aware of the outlaw mentality. He was very kind of feared and respected and also loved in equal parts. I mean, he was really a kind of serious guy when he was younger,” Hunnam said about his father who died in 2013.

With an interview with Showbiz Junkies, Hunnam opined that his mother was a ballet dancer and her mother was a premiere portrait artist in Newcastle.

“My mother met my father who was a few years older, who was a very kind of, even by that point, a notorious, well-known, well-loved face in the Newcastle scenery. She just got swept off her feet by him,” Hunnam said.

When Hunnam was a school student, he was expelled from high school and forced to give the exam from home. Since he was studying from home, he had taken admission in Cumbria College of Art and Design for studying the theory and history of film so that he could write and direct film in future.

Hunnam met his girlfriend Morgana McNelis, a jewelry designer, in 2007. The couple does not lead filmy lifestyle and they have a couple of pets.

“We have got 30 chickens and a couple of donkeys, a couple of ducks and we have got a big, organic garden. We are going to try to live a bit more sustainably,” Hunnam said to SFGate.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Sons of Anarchy

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