Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Kim Kardashian for Harsh Tweets; Sheen Criticized Kardashian’s Butt

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Kim Kardashian for Harsh Tweets; Sheen Criticized Kardashian’s Butt

Well, that was fast. Charlie Sheen made his public apology to Kim Kardashian shortly after posting and deleting intense and offensive rants on Twitter about the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star. Read on for further details.

The former “Two and a Half Men” actor blasted the reality TV star too personally about her personality and butt on Twitter in the early morning of Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2014.

According to TMZ, Sheen got enraged with Kardashian allegedly ignoring a six-year-old girl who wanted her autograph. He heard the news from a friend. He added that the girl still cries about it at night.

The “Anger Management” star ranted that Kardashian was lucky to have “ANYONE” care about her “gross” and “giggly” butt.

After challenging her to compare career achievements, he tweeted, “your public loves u. give something back or go f yourself.”

The 49-year-old comedian even gave his sentiments to Kanye West for marrying Kardashian and hoped “his vision returns one day.”

Before the sun completely rose, he deleted his tweet. On the same day, he had a public apology in the same social networking site.

Sheen tweeted to his 11.4 million followers that he was embarrassed by his actions. He admitted being “pissed about some other crap,” which had nothing to do with the reality star. He stated Kardashian does not ever deserve that “trash.”

To end his apology, the “Hot Shot” star said he is an idiot “as often as” he is a genius. Then he put the #ShutUpSheen hashtag.

There are mixed reactions in Sheen’s apology. Some comments agreed to his rants such as “she deserved everything you said! That self absorbed bitch.”

However, some defended Kardashian to just let her be such as “U just disappointed me big time – the truth hurts let her live with it – it was all true.”

In Perez Hilton’s website, Sheen’s move in apologizing and hashtag were admired.

Meanwhile, the only tweet Kardashian posted so far was her gym agenda on Tuesday.

There you have it for the update on Charlie Sheen dissing Kim Kardashian. For more celebrity updates, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Angela George


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