Charlie Sheen Faces Lawsuit From Ex-Fiancé; Says Sheen Forced An Abortion

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Charlie Sheen Faces Lawsuit From Ex-Fiancé; Says Sheen Forced An Abortion
Charlie Sheen

Troubles for actor Charlie Sheen just does not seem to end. On Thursday, one of his ex-girlfriends has sued Sheen for assaulting her, causing her emotional distress and for negligence. She said that they had indulged in sex for 5 times at least. The actor it seems had revealed about him being diagnosed with HIV-positive after having sex with her.

The legal problems simply seem to be piling up.

Sheen has claimed that he has been ‘extorted’ for millions of dollars by a woman after she became aware of the actor’s HIV-positive status. The woman claimed that he went back on his promise for a settlement of one million USD and also compelled her for aborting her child as he feared that the baby could be diagnosed with HIV-positive like him.

Brett Rossi 26, who is a porn star, was engaged to the actor for almost a year from 2013 to 2014. She filed a lawsuit against the actor on Thursday where claims were made that she was battered and went through tremendous emotional distress. USA Today managed to procure the necessary legal documents.

The suit also records that both of them met at the actor’s home on November 1, 2013. Sheen made a payment of ten thousand USD for having sex with her after she had put her signature on a non-disclosure and unenforceable agreement.

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However, the documents also mentioned that the duo clicked and eventually fell in love with each other.

The lawsuit also mentions that they had sex for a minimum of 5 times till Rossi found out about Sheen’s medication and then confronted the actor. There was a close talk between the two after which they agreed to live together.

According to Rossi, Charlie Sheen proposed her in early 2013.

But things changed for the worse for this former couple as Sheen became abusive and violent while drinking and abusing drugs. The lawsuit also added that there was a time when the actor dragged her out of the bed and shook her violently and screamed foul language at her.

Rossi also said that she discovered her pregnancy in March 2010. She also claimed that it was Charlie Sheen who had forced her for having an abortion in the same month as he did not want the baby to be HIV-Positive.

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