Charlie Sheen Says His HIV ‘Can Change The World’; Is He Starting An Advocacy?

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Charlie Sheen Says His HIV ‘Can Change The World’; Is He Starting An Advocacy?
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Charlie Sheen recently confirmed news that he is indeed HIV positive. Amid speculations that a big Hollywood star is inflicted with the condition, Sheen stepped out and said it is him that people are talking about, around mid-November. A lot of rumors also came out that Sheen is tired of being blackmailed and paying off people to prevent them from talking about his situation.

Independent Online reports the latest on Sheen and he was established to said that his diagnosis could help “change the world”. Denise Richards’ former husband said that his story could assist to further inform people about the matter.

“It already is. It makes me take pause and ponder the concept that perhaps everything that led up to this was to gain the spotlight of popularity to finally deliver a message that truly matters.” Sheen said.

“I’m grateful for everything I’ve been able to do in life. I’ve made a lot of people laugh and see the world differently through me. Now, maybe it’s time to change the world.” Sheen added.

Charlie Sheen likewise rebuffed the allegation he was “afraid” to openly recognize his condition, despite resorting to that afterwards being a prey of blackmail. In an interview with Radar Online, the “Two and a half Men” star said, “I wouldn’t say I was afraid. But again, there was a privacy aspect of it. What I would say to others? “If they’re living in fear or living in some shackled existence, take it to the next level and be free of that prison.”

The 50-year-old actor also opened up to his experience of living with HIV. He also shared that he is aggressively pursuing to discover treatment that is more inexpensive. Sheen said that he has to take three pills a day and costs him about $4,000 per month.

Charlie Sheen was also mainly concerned that the economic circumstances of individuals with the condition should be looked into. A very brave move for Sheen, as he opened himself up to being judged by the public but still he revealed that even after being furious about what happened, he is committed to helping solve the issue.

“If anybody can fight this thing and discover a cure, it’s me. I will exhaust every resource available to me. I will sit with every expert. I will move forward until something’s revealed.”


Photo Source: Facebook/Charlie Sheen

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