Charlie Sheen Had ‘Unprotected Sex’ With Nurse; She Was In Love Even After His HIV

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Charlie Sheen Had ‘Unprotected Sex’ With Nurse; She Was In Love Even After His HIV
Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen dated Amanda Bruce, a nurse by profession for about 7 to 8 months. Bruce also shared that there was unprotected sex between her and the actor though she knew that the actor was ailing from HIV-positive virus.

According to People, Bruce was being interviewed by Dr. Oz in the show “The Dr. Oz Show” on this Wednesday. The nurse explained to Oz that since she was a nurse by profession, she knew the hazards that are associated with AIDS. Yet, she ‘was not afraid’ of having an intimate relationship with Sheen.

The nurse also admitted that she knowingly took the risk as she loved the actor that time.


She feels that there are a big hue and cry about AIDs and thinks that a big social stigma is attached to a person who is infected with the virus that has been passed on from the past when the disease was incurable and was practically like a death sentence.

Bruce claimed that those things have changed for the better as there are several people who are infected with HIV but do not die just because of that.

Charlie Sheen and Bruce got introduced to each other by one of their mutual friends. She also confessed that though their relationship had been quite intimate from the very beginning, they did not have unprotected sex till the time they made a decision to be exclusive.


Bruce feels that when a person is in love with someone, it is natural to get close. She also denied the allegations that the unprotected sex between her and Sheen could be compared to a Russian roulette.

The nurse explained that both of them had known each other for several months before they decided to get engaged. There were a couple and she was madly in love with Sheen.

Charlie Sheen was quite honest about he being diagnosed with HIV-Positive; that’s what Bruce claimed. When Sheen told her everything about his diagnosis, they actually cried together.


Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons/Charlie Sheen

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