Charlie Sheen Wants Out Of Court Settlement For ‘Extortionist’ Ex’s Lawsuit

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Charlie Sheen Wants Out Of Court Settlement For ‘Extortionist’ Ex’s Lawsuit
Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has denied that he abused his ex-girlfriend Brett Rossi and did not disclose his condition of being diagnosed with an HIV-positive virus. He also called for a confidential arbitration in response to Rossi’s explosive claims that she made recently.

Sheen is battling back against this extraordinary lawsuit that has been filed by Rossi, who is a porn star by profession. The actor had a relationship with Rossi in the year 2014.

The actor had confessed his diagnosis publicly in the month of November on the “Today Show”. He asked for the dismissal of Rossi’s complaint in the Los Angeles Supreme Court this Monday, where he named her as an “extortionist”. He also claimed that her charges were made with an intention of minting money and taking vendetta for their breakup.

The document that was filed by Marty Singer, a power lawyer from Hollywood, mentioned that Rossi has actually revealed her real identity. She is consumed with jealousy and is motivated by tremendous greed.


Charlie Sheen denied Rossi’s charges that he had hidden the fact about his diagnosis. In fact, he says that his ex was aware of his ailment. Furthermore, he said that it was Rossi who had insisted on having unprotected sex with him just as normal couples do.

Sheen also denied accusations of hiring Rossi for having sex, brutally assaulting her, and convincing her to abort her pregnancy. It was alleged that he told Rossi that he did not desire for a retarded child.

The actor paid more than USD 500,000  for Rossi’s travel, gifts, and other expenses while they were into a relationship. However, Sheen wrote in the document that Rossi was trying to control his life by not letting him meet his kids and dictated who he could spend his time with.

Sheen shared that there had been at least three occasions when Rossi, in her intoxicated state, made attempts to assault him as she was jealous of the fact that he was meeting his own children or spending this time with some other people.

Charlie Sheen wants that the court should dismiss all the complaints made by Rossi as he said that the porn actress needs to use arbitration for pursuing her claims. He says that there is a requirement of arbitration according to the Non-Disclosure Agreement that she had signed in the year 2013. It is interesting to note that the actor states that whoever enters his house needs to sign such an NDA.


Photo Source: Facebook/Charlie Sheen

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