Charlie Sheen’s sex tape witness has surfaced! Claims he was kidnapped?

By admin | 4 years ago

The man who mysteriously vanished during the case that involved Charlie Sheen’s Sex Tape has surfaced.. or to be more exact has been found. The man claimed that he was kidnapped according to reports coming in by the law enforcement. And there’s also news that the LAPD has launched a criminal investigation into the kidnapping allegations.

The supposedly kidnapped man, Darwin Vela was found today after disappearing on Tuesday while he took his dog out for a walk in South LA.

Vela and another man, Ricardo Orozco went over to Charlie’s reps and told them that they had his sex tape and wanted to find out just how much it was worth. On other words… Extortion.

Orozco was charged earlier with burglary as he was arrested for stealing computers owned by Nic Cage’s baby mama and one of those computers was Sheen’s sex tape.

Vela was scheduled to testify in Orozco’s hearing on Thursday but had mysteriously vanished on Tuesday as he left his house to walk his dog but the dog came back totally freaked with human blood on its leash.

We’re not sure if Vela was injured or he injured someone else. One source says that there were injuries but that’s all the information there is.

Source: TMZ

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