Charlotte Church Reveals She’s Losing Money

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Charlotte Church Reveals She’s Losing Money
Charlotte Church Live in Virgin, London, England – July 13th 2005. Wikimedia Commons/Keven Law

Classical singer Charlotte Church, who earned worldwide fame for her unique voice and was dubbed as the star with the “Voice of an Angel,” has disclosed in a BBC interview that she no longer enjoys the fortune that comes with being famous. Despite selling millions of records at a tender age of 17, the former child star is apparently losing money. Read further to learn more about this story.

Once touted to be worth £25 million ($45 million) during her peak in 2003, Church revealed in a special interview with BBC Once Wales that her real worth might have already declined.

“I will have to work for the rest of my life. Not because I want to but because I have to. I always understood that all that stuff isn’t important and my career was not the be and end all,” said Church in the interview as reported on Yahoo! Australia, admitting that as her popularity has waned over the years, her bank account has also depreciated.

Starting as a classical musical singer in 1998 and then earning worldwide recognition in this genre, the Welsh native ventured into pop music in 2005. While she was well received as a pop star in the UK, the singer failed to capture markets in other parts of the world. She has tried her hand as a TV presenter and ventured into acting.  She also released an experimental music album under her own label, Alligator Wine, which was received with lukewarm results.

Now divorced and a mother of two, Church still considers her life as full and rich, despite the pitfalls.  She says that she still lives a comfortable life, given that she has always been “reasonable” with her finances. But in order to sustain the lifestyle she wants, she will have to work even harder.

The singer plans on attending the university and taking a degree in Physics next, saying that she realized she doesn’t have to be a singer and that she wants to show her children that it’s possible to have a new career, no matter how different it is, after a slump.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Keven Law






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