‘Chasing Life’ Season 2 Spoilers: April Carver Passes Out During Her Wedding; Synopsis Hints A Possible Death, Will It Be Leo Or Dominic?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Chasing Life’ Season 2 Spoilers: April Carver Passes Out During Her Wedding; Synopsis Hints A Possible Death, Will It Be Leo Or Dominic?
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April Carver passes out during her wedding, what about her wedding? Who among Leo and Dominic is set to be killed in the series? Find out more details about “Chasing Life” Season 2 below.

In the upcoming episode of “Chasing Life,” fans will see April Carver in her wedding gown, walking down the aisle. However, the teaser showed that she will eventually pass out and fall on the ground on her wedding day.

According to Cartematt, there is a possibility that April and Leo’s wedding will not happen. Why? First, everybody knows that April is sick and based on the teaser, it seems like she did not even reaches the hand of Leo at the end of the altar nor have a chance to take her wedding vows before she passed out.

In the previous episode, we saw April’s ex-boyfriend Dominic, admitting to Leo that he wants April back. This made everything so complicated as it led the two men in April’s life to rethink their future plans and whether or not it should include April.

Meanwhile, there will be a few more episodes before the second season of “Chasing Life” ends. And as fans speculated, it will not be April’s end—she will not be the one who is set to be killed in the series, but Leo.

This possibility of Leo being killed may happen since it would be quite impossible for the show creators to kill off April because obviously, she’s the lead character in ABC Family original series.

Killing Leo, according to Yibada, is what creators could do to make a big impact for the show’s rating and story. But, what about Dominic?

Many fans are still hoping for a Dominic-April couple reunion, and if the show chose to kill Leo, there will be a big chance that they will end up together. But, if the showrunners of “Chasing Life” chose to kill Leo, many would be disappointed and will surely be frustrated.

So, who among April’s men will be killed off—Leo or Dominic?

On the other hand, IBTimes reported otherwise, as they stated that there is a chance that Leo will not die and survive, but April will still mourn over a shocking, traumatic event—there’s a possibility that one of April’s loved ones could be killed off.

Watch the newest episode of  “Chasing Life” Season 2 on Monday on ABC Family.

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