‘Chasing Life’ Season 2 Spoilers: April Prepares For Wedding In ‘The Domino Effect’ Episode

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Chasing Life’ Season 2 Spoilers: April Prepares For Wedding In ‘The Domino Effect’ Episode
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“Chasing Life” Season 2 Episode 5 will feature April’s preparation for her wedding! Watch video below.

Usually, TV show creators put the best episode at the end of every season, but it seems like the “Chasing Life” show runners are planning otherwise. A wedding may happen in the next episode and it would be none other than April’s! In the upcoming episode, the future bride will be living out her last days as a single gal by participating in her bachelorette party.

According to CarterMatt, the episode 5 of the “Chasing Life” TV series entitled “The Domino Effect” will be like this:

As April’s big day is just around the corner, the latter is forced to face her list of “lasts.” She is now in her final days of living at home and being a member of the single club. While her natural instincts are to have a classy and a low-key bachelorette party that she will never forget.

On the other hand, Vanessa played by Krysta Rodriguez helps Italia Ricci’s character, April to realize that—‘Hey! This might be your last time to party like this so you should live it up!’

April Carver’s another possible “last” chance is to present herself to a publisher. In the upcoming episode, Dominic, played by Richard Brancatisano sets up April in a meeting with his book agent. With her health still in question, no one knows what could ever happen to her, so better late than never, this maybe April’s first and last chance to get a book published.

In addition to this, Leo will try to play nice with Dominic while Brennaon on the other hand, will reach out to Finn.

Based on the released trailer, it looks like April’s bachelorette party will be her single life’s highlight, but! Parties usually ends up messing someone’s life! Will April’s party go out of control and don’t end well?

Find out the trailer below.

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