Chaz’s Critique from the Judges Angers Cher

By admin | 7 years ago

Cher had a few choice words for the Dancing with the star’s crew after her son, Chaz Bono was eliminated last night. She took to twitter to complain about the way he was criticized by the judges.

She tweeted “…Going Home is Fine but why insult him b4 he Goes! Maybe Rudeness & Flapping Arms take the place of TALENT!” Chaz whose dancing partner was Lacey Schwimmer was the fifth person eliminated from the contest.

Judge Bruno Tonioli called him a “cute little Penguin” during his last dance. He had previously compared him to an Ewok. Bono appeared to have no ill will against the judge. He stated, “I’m just grateful to have had the experience. I’m not leaving this show bitter or angry or anything”

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