Chef Homaro Cantu Found Dead In Northwest Side, Chicago

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Chef Homaro Cantu Found Dead In Northwest Side, Chicago
Chef Homaro Cantu in his state of the art lab at Moto Restaurant.

Chef Homaro Cantu was found dead in Chicago’s Northwest Side on Tuesday afternoon.


The famous chef owns internationally acclaimed restaurants in Chicago and was best known for his “flavoring tripping” drinks. According to The Chicago Tribune, the 38-year-old chef was found inside a building where he was planning to set up a brewery.


Meanwhile, sources told the paper that Chef Homaro Cantu’s cause of death was hanging. Authorities said that they are still investigating if Cantu committed suicide that ended his life.


In a separate interview with The Sun-Times, Cantu’s friend and business partner, Trevor Rose-Hamblin said, “I loved him dearly. It’s really terrible to see him go in this way. I’m going to miss him a lot.”


During an interview with The Huffington Post in 2013, Cantu said he came from the West Coast to Chicago to work with internationally-renowned chef Charlie Trotter. In the interview Chef Hormaro Cantu said, “I made it my life’s goal to become a sous chef for Charlie Trotter. I literally just flew out here one day with $300 in my pocket and no place to stay, and I knocked on the back door and got a job.”


Cantu worked as a sous chef in Trotter’s restaurant for four years. He also met his wife Katie McGowan in Chicago after a one-day guest chef tint in Chef Trotter’s kitchen. After four years being a sous chef, Chef Hormaro Cantu was able to lead and own Michelin-starred Moto restaurant.


The chef’s flavor tripping effect after a long experiment of the West African “miracle berry” has been the subject of most cooking shows and cookbooks.


In 2007, Chef Homaro Cantu took home the bacon after beating Chef Morimoto in “Iron Chef” third season. Cantu’s patented designs have also been taken by Whirpool and NASA. After Chef Trotter died in 2012, Cantu led the Charlie Trotter Project. Celebrities and fans as well as customers were saddened by the death of the infamous chef.


“MasterChef” Juror Graham Elliot took his sentiments to Twitter on Tuesday and posted, “Please everyone, send your thoughts/prayers to the family & loved ones of chef Homaro Cantu. A great friend, a horrible loss; speechless.”  

Few months before Chef Homaro Cantu died, he was charged with a lawsuit by a former business investor. The charges alleged that Cantu misused the funds in Moto to fund other business ventures and his personal expenses.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Graceolivia

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