Chef Jamie Oliver Reveals What He Is Addicted to

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Chef Jamie Oliver Reveals What He Is Addicted to
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Karl Gabor | Jamie Oliver, 14 March 2014.

Hit TV Chef Jamie Oliver revealed to the “Mail on Sunday” what his addiction has long been. If you thought the UK Chef and Pukka champion is addicted to something common, you’ll be surprised what it is.

Commonly, people are addicted to things such as drinking, gambling, drugs and even sex. For Chef Jamie Oliver, his addiction is that he struggles with not sleeping. According to the chef, his average hours of sleep a night would just amount to three and a half hours. While the chef is aware of the dangers of not getting enough sleep, he knew he had to get help.

"I got to a point this summer where I had to do something. I knew there was something wrong with me. On a fundamental level I wasn’t functioning like a normal person. I’d sit down in the office, fall asleep, and start dribbling. Not pretty. Not good," said Oliver, as published on MailOnline.

The chef even shared that sometimes he felt like he should just say that he’s an alcoholic—since that’s an addiction a lot of people know about. The problem is, that’s not what he is addicted to. His addiction is much rarer and dangerous to his health.

With his ongoing struggles with getting enough sleep, the chef shares that he usually wakes up at 5:00 a.m. And by the time he does, he struggles staying in bed longer after that. When asked what time he goes to bed, Oliver shares that he makes sure he’s already tucked in by 10:00 p.m.

By getting the help he needed, Oliver says that he has gotten healthier and now has more energy. He now has a sharper mind and even more sober in the way he thinks. When asked on the reason as to why he wasn’t sleeping well in the past, Oliver believes that it had something to do with him being a workaholic.

"I don’t want to sound like a total knob but I knew I had to actually address my relationship with myself, because was what it was all about. I used to go to bed with Jools around 11 and even she thought I was going to sleep, but I’d get up, I’d be on emails, catching up till 2am," said Oliver.

Now that he is trying to change this lifestyle and adapting to a healthier one, many can only hope that the chef keeps it up. After all, it’s his health that truly matters.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Karl Gabor

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