Chelsea Handler Takes Her Shirt Off in the Snow

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Chelsea Handler Takes Her Shirt Off in the Snow

Chelsea Handler has done it again in her latest Instagram photo. In the picture, Handler was making “candid” poses in a snowy location while wearing necessary apparel to warm herself up – except her breasts.

In the first photo, her breasts were fully exposed while the comedienne acted as if she was looking for her dog named Chunk. It seems that there was a helicopter behind the 39-year-old actress’s back. In the background, people did not seem too concerned about Handler exposing her breasts, or maybe her backpack concealed her naked body. The photo was already deleted from Instagram.

However, her second photo was directly posted on Twitter and was untouched by the social networking site. This time, the actress acted as if she finally found Chunk. The comedienne considered her post as her Christmas present for the fans.

Handler is not new with the whole exposing-flesh thing. In Oct. 2014, she posted a photo on Instagram while she was sitting topless on a horse. She did this as an imitation of Vladimir Putin’s topless picture while horseback. Instagram removed Handler’s photo more than once because Handler kept on posting it again.

The comedienne believed taking the photo down was sexist. She said she had a “better body than Putin,” so she must have the right.

She threatened to deactivate her Instagram account, but she decided to keep it and post another series of nudes. One of her comebacks was imitating Kim Kardashian’s controversial booty pose on Paper magazine spread.

According to Inquisitr, Handler realized that Instagram was more liberal with butts. She mocked Instagram by putting her butt-naked photo next to Kardashian’s and asked if which one was real. Strangely, the photo is still on Handler’s Instagram account.

Inquisitr wrote that if Handler really wanted to battle it out for her right to expose her naked body, she should consider doing a topless talk show on Netflix.

“So far, the gimmick has done an excellent job of keeping her relevant, so why not?” Inquisitr stated.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

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