Chen Corrected “Asian Eyes” with Surgery

By admin | 4 years ago

Julie Chen the host of Big Brother on CBS had plastic surgery performed on her eyes to correct what she called her “Asian eyes.” She shocked many with her candid admission on Wednesday.

The former news anchor with CBS is a Chinese-American and admitted she started to become insecure about the way her eyes looked, while she was working for a news crew at a small TV channel in Ohio at the age of 25.

At that channel, her boss let her know that looking Asian does not relate, said Chen on the show, The Talk.

She said her secret dated all the way back to her days as a reporter of the local news when she was only 25.

Chen said she approached her news director during the holidays one year and said if anchors wanted to have a vacation during that time, she could fill in. Her boss responded that she would never appear on his anchor desk because she was Chinese. He told her that the community where they telecast the news would not be able to relate to her.

In addition, he said due to her Asian eyes, he noticed when she was in front of the camera she looked bored and disinterested.

Chen, who is 43, said she had been told by an agent the same thing. She therefore had her entire face changed through plastic surgery, which included the doctor trimming excess skin located above her eyelids.

Chen said shortly after her medical procedures, her career picked up. She said the ball started rolling for her. However, she wonders now if she just gave into the man.

At one time, Chen was an anchor on the CBS Morning News and has been the Big Brother host on CBS since 2000.

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