Cheryl Cole Shows Off Huge Lips In LA (PHOTO)

By admin | 7 years ago

Cheryl Makes Fun Of Plastic Sugery

Cheryl Cole shares her opinion about plastic sugary with a silly photo on Twitter.

The singer wearing a plaid shirt and over-sized sunglasses wears a fake pair of big, red lips. Cole is not in favor of plastic sugary and lets everyone know it. She thinks that celebrities take it too far.

They all want the same nose and big lips.

Cole believes that our differences are what makes us special. A dimple, a crease, a freckle or a bump is what distinguishes us from everyone else. LA has become obsessed with being perfect, but perfect also means that everyone looks the same.

Cole wanted to spread her message with a funny photo, but not all of Hollywoods’ celebrities will find it funny.

Some of our favorite stars have spent years of their lives and thousands of dollars trying to make themselves perfect. I’m sure they won’t be laughing.

Cheryl Cole Shows Off Huge Lips In LA (PHOTO)
Cheryl Cole Shows Off Huge Lips In LA (PHOTO)


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