Chi Publishing Photos of Topless Duchess of Cambridge

By admin | 6 years ago

Chi, the Italian magazine said on Saturday it planned to publish more photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. The photos will be of the Duchess topless while she was vacationing with her husband the Duke of Cambridge in France two weeks ago.

The royal couple responded angrily to the publication of the first topless photos in Closer magazine in France. The royal couple are said to be saddened by what they called a huge invasion of privacy and plan to sue the magazine and its parent company Mondadori over the publishing of the photos.

This controversy comes just three weeks after Prince Harry, the younger brother of the Duke of Cambridge had photos of him published while partying naked in Las Vegas.

Even though there is legal action taking place in France over the publication of the first set of topless photos, a spokesperson from Mondadori said that Chi would run 26 pages of photos of the royal couple on their vacation. The new edition of Chi will go on sale Monday in Italy.

The front cover of the magazine will feature three photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, according to the Mondadori spokesperson. The extraordinary edition is worth publishing said Mondadori and even more so because the photos happen to involve the future king and queen of England.

A spokesperson from St. James Palace said there would be no comment on any potential legal action the royal couple might take concerning the publication of photos of their vacation.

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