Chicago Bulls Player Derrick Rose Denies Rape Allegations

By Neha Bakshi | 3 years ago
Chicago Bulls Player Derrick Rose Denies Rape Allegations
Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose, the star player of Chicago Bulls, has got into a deep trouble that has ruined players’ reputation too. The NBA All Star player has been accused of raping his ex-girlfriend along with his two friends. Read on to find out more about the scoop.

One of the most valuable players, Rose has been dragged in a controversy that will be remembered by everyone for a long time. The rape allegations broke on social media recently. The former MVP and his two friends have been accused of drugging and raping one of the ex-girlfriends of Rose. There is not much revealed about the case right now but it has indeed upset the fans of Rose.

The law suit has been filed by Jane Doe as stated by Starcasm. It is said that Rose and his two friends drugged the lady by slipping them in her drink at Roses’ Beverly Hill home. The plaintiff claims that she was able to flee from the spot after the men tried to force themselves on her. After she reached her home Rose and his friends broke into her apartment and raped her.

Roses’ lawyer, Lisa Cohen has denied the allegations filed in the lawsuit against her client. It was stated officially that the allegations are completely false and are done purposely to put Roses’ name in bad light. Rose had already ended his consensual relationship with plaintiff two years back and the allegations are completely baseless.

The two first met in October 2011 at an NBA lockout party and they kept meeting subsequently after that. As per lawsuit, Doe was not even aware of Roses’ son Derrick Jr. She only got to know this detail three months before this case happened.

As per the experts, this is a very thin line case and without many facts and right timelines.

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Photo Source: Derrick Rose/Facebook

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