Chicago Fire Recap: Arrest in Transit

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago Fire Recap: Arrest in Transit
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Chicago Fire” Season 3 Episode 9 “Arrest in Transit” aired on Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Firefighter Candidate Gabriella Dawson’s (Monica Raymund) and Lieutenant Matthew Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) became a little rocky after she disobeyed his orders as a lieutenant, which made it hard to deal with things at home. Meanwhile, Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) tried to ask Paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) out on a date, while Mouch (Christian Stolte) accidentally got himself into one. Things got a little bit dangerous for Paramedic in Chief Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett), after a known gangster went after him. His son had died after Peter and Sylvie had treated him. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Brittany Baker (Serinda Swan) made a big decision that answered the question about the future of their marriage. It was after revealing to him what exactly had happened the night that her sister had died. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and his wife Brittany Baker (Serinda Swan), jogging across the park. Severide then noticed that she never picked up her mother’s calls. She found it a little bit strange that she did not want them to go to Florida to meet her parents for Thanksgiving. However, he did not think much of it as she told him that they always went on a cruise trip during Thanksgiving.

Just before Candidate Gabriella “Gabby” Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) entered the firehouse, they kissed, which Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) saw.

Inside the firehouse, Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) became a little bit nervous. He tried to tell Paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) something while she got some breakfast at the kitchen. She just kept on talking on the many uses of Siracha sauce. When she finally sat down to eat breakfast, Joe asked her if they could get some drinks together after their Zumba class. She then agreed to “meet up at Molly’s.” She stopped short when Joe made it clear that he was asking her “out on the date.” However, Sylvie refused as she considered him to be one of her “only good friends in Chicago,” and because she did not want to “mess that up.” However, before Joe could say another word, they were all called to a car accident.

It turned out that a tanker that was transporting hydrochloric acid had been leaking. Casey then asked for “level 2 Hazmat” suits and instructed them to clear a “hot zone” area and told them that no one could enter the hot zone “ without protective gear.” They then tried to put more soil on the areas where the truck driver had placed sandbags, and Herrmann and the others marked the “hot zone” by placing cones all around the area. However, as Gabby saw a dump truck full of sand, went into the hot zone without protective gear. He used the dump truck in order to pour sand the acid so that it would be contained. Two members of the squad team tried to close the leaking valve. After a few moments, the situation was contained as the valve had been closed. However, Casey told Gabby, who was proud of what she had done. They would talk at the firehouse, as another battalion chief who had been there noticed that Gabby did not have any protective gear.

 As soon as they got back to the firehouse, Severide was surprised to find Brittany there. After they kissed, she told him that she had looked at all of their photographs, but could not seem to find Leslie Shay (Lauren German). He then took her down to the wall, where he showed her his photo. She then told him that he never talked about Shay, to which he countered that she did not really talk about Kathleen. He then told her that if she was up to it, that he would show her something later on.

At Chief Wallace Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) officer, he asked Casey if Gabby had been following orders when she had gone after the dump truck. Casey then truthfully told him that she wasn’t following orders. Boden then offered to talk to her instead of him about what had happened. since another battalion chief was at the scene, which might make them think that Casey was going easy on Gabby due to their relationship. However, Casey told Boden that he would handle it. Boden then ordered Mouch (Christian Stolte) to finally get his last eye exam done, as the department needed his doctor’s clearance.  

Afterward, Casey told Dawson that if she “couldn’t get” the “go ahead” from him, then she should not do it. He told her that even if what she did was good, she had still “ignored” his “order,” which should not be. She could not go “off book” anymore as she was part of team, and had to follow his orders, as he was the lieutenant. He also reminded her that her gung-ho attitude might get them into trouble and that if it happened again, he would have to “kick her off truck for good.”

Because of this, Gabby, who felt bad, went to the showers, and crouched in a corner inside, which was where Peter found her.

Meanwhile, Mouch went to have his eye exam. He accidentally got himself into a date for that Friday with his doctor, Dr. Lou. He used an old expression of gratitude that his father had taught him- he told her that he would buy her some steak. He then retold this to his truck mates, who could not believe what had happened. Otis (Yuri Sardarov) then asked Joe what was wrong with him, as he looked sad. He then revealed that he had been placed in the “friend zone” by a girl that he liked. At that particular moment, both Joe and Sylvie looked at each other. She walked to the ambulance with Peter as they had just gotten a call. Otis, who had noticed the look then reassured him that that girl just might “turn out to be a really good friend.”

Peter and Sylvie then arrived at a local swimming pool, where they were able to quickly revive a teenaged boy named Jason, who had initially been given CPR by his girlfriend. His friends then told him that despite his wishes, they had called up his father, who arrived after a little while. They then brought him into the ambulance to transport him to the hospital. However, on the way, he suffered from secondary drowning due to a pulmonary edema. Despite everything, Jason flatlined a few seconds before they entered the hospital, and despite the doctor’s efforts, they could not revive him. When both Peter and Sylvie went outside, they were surprised to find the press all over them. They then learned from the on-duty police officer that Jason was the son of Papa Lullo (James Russo), the “John Gotti of Chicago.”

While this happened, Gabby and Casey saw each other at the washing machine area of the firehouse. They were quiet. Gabby asked Casey if he wanted to eat dinner with her after her shift at Molly’s the next night, as she could always “ ask Herrmann to close out for” her. Casey then just told her to let him know.  

As soon as Peter and Sylvie arrived back at the station, Mouch, Joe, and Otis. He had been holding a contest to see which person Pouch would go to first, noticed that something had happened. They then learned that they “had lost a kid.” Pouch went to Peter to comfort him. Joe cheered Sylvie up by bringing out some wings and Siracha so that they could try out that buffalo wings recipe with Siracha sauce that she had been talking about earlier.

Meanwhile, Severide showed Brittany the Fire Academy and showed her the wall with Shay’s badge on it. He then told her that he had learned a lot about “protecting people” from her. He went on to say that she was “intense and would do anything to protect the people she loved.” Brittany thanked him for telling her about Shay. She revealed to him that she had been driving the car with Kathleen the day that Kathleen had died in a car accident. She told him that she did not want them to go to Florida as she still blamed herself for Kathleen’s death. However, he told her that she shouldn’t blame herself and that her parents wouldn’t either. She then cried while Severide just held her in his arms.

The next morning, just as everyone was about to go home as their shift was over, Papa Lullo came and pushed Peter up against the truck, and told him that he blamed him for his son’s death, and that he was “dead”. Later, in Boden’s office, Peter told Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) that he was not going to press charges, and reluctantly agreed to stay away from Papa Lullo, as Jay claimed that Lullo was “the real deal”.  

Back at the apartment, Gabby learned that Casey hadn’t come by Molly’s the previous night as he had been too tired with his side contractor business. Casey then refused to talk about what had happened during the previous shift as he couldn’t just change his feelings about what had happened just because they were at home. Tired and sad, Gabby decided to just leave for the firehouse.

Meanwhile, Brittany finally gathered up the courage to answer her mother’s telephone call.

At Boden’s office, Mouch revealed to Herrmann and Boden that he hadn’t been able to cancel his date with Dr. Lou. Boden advised him to cancel the date quickly. Herrmann insisted that he had the right to date whomever he wanted whenever he wanted as he wasn’t married yet to Sergeant Trudy Platt (Amy Morton).  

They were then called into a structure fire. The man who owned the shop was frantic when they got there as his wife was still inside the office. Cruz and Otis were then instructed to “try to enter from the back.” They tried to restrain the man from entering from the front as the roof was going to give way soon. Ss soon as they weren’t looking at him, he went back in to save his wife. Gabby and Casey then entered to look for him. Casey told Gabby to stay at least “an arm’s distance” away from him at all times, but she disobeyed him once again, even if she was able to find the man. A little bit later, Cruz and Otis arrived from the back with his wife. Herrmann then told Casey that marriage was like that and that he’d “do anything for Cindy, no matter what may happen to” him.

Later, at Molly’s, Severide revealed to Brittany that she had saved him, because before she had come along, he had been drinking and partying, so that he would escape trying to think about Shay. He told her that yesterday was the first time since her death that he had gone down to look at her badge on the wall. After Brittany told him that she had to go home, he agreed with her, as he had realized that he was her “escape.”

Severide then accompanied her to the train station. They exchanged their goodbyes and told each other that they did love each other. He then told her that he did not regret it all that they had “impulsively” gotten married.

Meanwhile, Mouch was surprised to see that Trudy had showed up instead of Dr. Lou. It turned out that Trudy herself had gone to Dr. Kim Lou, and straightened out the misunderstanding. She then told him that he had to buy her a really large steak for dinner that night.  

At Molly’s, Sylvie told Joe that she would go out with him as she thought that it would be a good idea. During closing time, Peter, who did not want to go home yet, decided to help Gabby close Molly’s for the night. After Gabby confided in him that she was finding the “home part” the most difficult thing in her and Casey’s relationship, and told Peter that she did not “know what to do.” He then held her hand to comfort her. However, he pulled his hand back quickly after he realized that Casey was right behind them. Gabby then tried to call after him, but he just simply left.

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