Chicago Fire Recap: Chopper

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago Fire Recap: Chopper
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“Chicago Fire” Season 3 Episode 8 “Chopper“ aired on Tuesday, Nov. 18 , 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, the entire team stepped up to the plate as the entire house went to help after a helicopter crash landed on the roof of a building, causing many people to be injured. Meanwhile, Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) learned that his baby might be at risk, and Joe Cruz’s (Joe Minoso) secret was let out of the bag. Read on to learn more about the episode.

The episode opened with Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) and his wife, Donna (Melissa Ponzio), at the hospital, where she was having a check-up and an ultrasound. After they were asked if they wanted to know the sex of the baby, Donna, despite Boden’s wishes, told the doctor not to tell them yet. However, they started to become worried after the doctor asked them to hold on for a while as she had to run some more tests as there was something that she wanted to check up on.

As the day began, Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) tried to get up to get ready for work, but his new wife, Brittany Baker (Serinda Swan), jokingly refused to let him go to work. Outside, in the apartment’s living room, Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Firefighter Candidate Gabriella “Gabby” Dawson (Monica Raymund) awkwardly drank their coffee silently as they could hear everything that was going inside Severide’s room. Before they left for work, Gabby told Casey to talk to Severide later about moving out of their apartment.

At the firehouse, Boden confided in Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenburg) about the fact that Donna had something called placental prevail, which put the baby at great risk. He also told him that Donna had left the house in the meantime in order to get some space and that they haven’t spoken in two whole days. Herrmann then advised him to just be there for her and to tell her that everything was going to be okay even if he was not sure that everything would be alright.

While Casey was in his office, Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) went up to Paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) to give back the T-shirt that she had left at his Zumba class the previous day and gave her some Zumba advice. This caused Casey to think that Joe was flirting with Sylvie and pointed it out to Severide when he came to his office. Casey started to tell Severide that he and Gabby wanted Severide and his wife to move out but was interrupted as everyone started to converge in front of the television. He then rushed to it after Herrmann called him over, as the local news channel reported that a helicopter had crashed onto the roof of the building, causing extensive damage. Before they could do anything else, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61 and other ambulances were called to the scene.

In the rescue squad truck, Severide ignored Brittany’s worried text messages and told everyone that they should be ready with fire extinguishers when they arrived.

In the ambulance, Paramedic In Chief Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) told Sylvie  to take one patient at a time. Sylvie then asked him what she should do if there was a secret she was keeping for someone in the firehouse that she did not think should be a secret. Assuming that the secret was a romantic relationship, he told her that in-house relationships should be out in the open, which led her to question him as to who he had an in-house relationship with and told him that her situation was not like that. As they arrived on scene, she was shocked at the devastation that the helicopter crash had caused.

At the scene, Chief Boden instructed Severide and his team to take care of checking for survivors in the helicopter, while Casey and his team were to evacuate the entire building that the helicopter had crashed on, as it was currently full of smoke and fuel. Casey then told his team that no one was going to be on anyone’s hip, as everybody had to step up. He also ordered Herrmann and Otis (Yuri Sardarov) to find the helicopter rotor, which had gotten detached from the helicopter.   

Up on the roof, Severide and his team discovered that the pilot of the helicopter, Frank, was still alive, as well as a married couple. However, the husband was unconscious, and the wife could not breathe, as the seat had fallen on top of them.

Meanwhile, Sylvie and Peter went around helping those who were injured. For those that they could not save, they gave a yellow tag to hold. Boden then had to placate Brittany, who had arrived on the scene as she had been worried about her husband’s safety.

Herrmann and Otis were able to find the rotor, which was on top of a woman. They then decided to try to remove it part by part, as they could not really pull her out from underneath it.

Meanwhile, Sylvie and Peter encountered a man who had been severely injured inside a locked van. They asked for assistance, but they forced the door open so that they would be able to give him the proper medical attention that he needed.

After searching his floor of the building, Casey became extremely worried after a woman who had been trapped on the basement came out with Gabby’s mask and told Casey that Gabby had collapsed inside. He was then relieved when Gabby came out. He then forced her to go to the triage area and told her never to remove her mask but commended her for a job well done.

Meanwhile, Herrmann reassured the woman pinned under the rotor while Otis took apart the rotor. After a couple of nerve-wracking minutes, they were able to remove enough to pull her out from under the rotor and onto a backboard so that the paramedics would be able to take care of her. Otis then showed Boden a remote-controlled drone that he had found in the rotor, which had caused the crash.

Gabby then followed a blood trail, as it seemed like one of the victims had wandered off. She then followed the trail to a house, where she found a teenaged boy with a severe head cut, holding the remote for the drone. Because of the severe head trauma, Gabby asked for some assistance from a paramedic. Sylvie then told Peter to go there, as she could handle their current patient by herself.

Sylvie was a little bit hesitant with her patient at first because she saw that he had a bag full of fake passports and IDs at the back of the van. He tried to refuse treatment at first, but she got upset with him and told him to let her do her job. He then pulled out a gun on her, but later lowered it and let her patch him up. She then left him after he was stabilized as he had stubbornly refused to go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Peter had reached Gabby, and they bandaged his head. He then told them that it had been his fault, as their father had told them not to fly the drone without him and that his brother, Jack, was going to die because of him. It turned out that they had been flying the drone on their neighbor’s rooftop. Gabby then quickly reported this to Boden so that they would be able to start looking for the brother.

Casey found the brother nearby. Jack had lost a lot of blood and had fallen into the cage of a power transformer. He then asked Cruz for some tools and told them to shut down the transformer as soon as possible. Alone, he managed to get Jack out of harm’s way before the transformer blew up as the live wire had reached the pool of blood on the floor.

Up on the roof, they were able to get the pilot and the passengers out. However, just after Severide had passed over the wife to the squad, the helicopter started to lose balance while he was still inside. Thankfully, the entire squad was able to stabilize the helicopter before it fell off the roof.

Afterwards, Severide learned that Brittany had been at the crash scene worrying about him and had texted him 37 messages.  

Back at the firehouse, Sylvie told Peter that she realized that he had had an in-house romance with Gabby, as she had seen Peter’s look when Gabby mentioned that their teamwork to save that kid with the remote was just like old times. He then told her that they would talk about it some other time over a lot of beers. Herrmann, who had just come in, noticed Boden talking to the doctor on the phone and had him schedule an appointment for later that night.

Inside the firehouse, Casey pulled Gabby aside, and asked if she wanted to go to a hotel that night in celebration of her two big saves. Gabby then agreed after realizing that he hadn’t talked to Severide yet about his moving out.

Joe then surprised Sylvie by giving her a stub for a free Zumba class, as he had noticed that she was really good. After he had left, Casey tried to warn her about in house romances, as he knew how difficult it could be. Sylvie then cleared up the confusion by telling him the truth, which she told him not tell anyone. However, Casey told Gabby, and from Gabby, it spread all around the firehouse to the point that they had a hard time controlling their laughter in the locker room when Joe and Sylvie were there.

 As they left the firehouse, Mouch (Christian Stolte) started to ask Herrmann if they needed any special equipment for the plan but was interrupted as Herrmann decided to go over to Boden, who was getting ready to leave for the hospital. He then reassured him by telling him that dark skies don’t always mean rain and told him to give Donna their love. At the hospital, Boden hugged his wife and told her that everything was going to be okay. She then looked at him, smiled and then revealed to him that they were going to have a baby boy.

Sylvie, who had just left the station in her car, started to become nervous as a car started to follow her into an alleyway after she thought that she had lost him. It turned out that she was being followed by the man who had initially refused her help during the helicopter crash. He then apologized to her for his behavior and thanked her by giving her his card and told her that if ever she found herself in trouble, call him up right away.

Back at Casey’s and Gabby’s apartment, they listened as Severide and Brittany fought inside their room. Severide was upset at Brittany for showing up at the crash site, and because of that, Brittany started to pack her bag and told him that she would not allow herself to wait patiently by the phone for a call to inform her whether he was okay or not.

Outside, Casey hoped that Brittany and Severide would now break up so that he wouldn’t have to tell him to move out. However, after a while, the yelling stopped, and the two started laughing and kissing again. Right on cue, Casey received a text message, and he and Gabby left their apartment.

At the gym where Joe’s Zumba classes were being held, a fellow instructor told him that he had a full house that day. Because of this, he became really energized. However, his energy dropped after he realized that Peter, Otis, Casey, Mouch, Gabby, Rick Newhouse (Edwin Hodge), Herrmann and the others were there. At first he did not want to instruct the class anymore, but they encouraged to continue as they had come for him, and together, they experienced an enjoyable Zumba session.

Back at the apartment, Severide noticed that it seemed like some of the tattoos framing the tattooed “Kathleen” on Brittany’s side were still fresh. She then told him that she added something new to it all the time, ever since the accident to remind herself of the pain that she had to go through after losing her sister. She then admitted to him that she had gone to the scene of the accident as she had been afraid of losing him as well to an accident. She then told him that he was the only one who understood her, and as she told him so, he looked at a picture of him and his late best friend, Leslie Shay (Lauren German), which was on one of his shelves. He then kissed her and told her that he wasn’t going anywhere.  

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