Chicago Fire Recap: Headlong Towards Disaster

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago Fire Recap: Headlong Towards Disaster
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Chicago Fire” Season 3 Episode 15 “Headlong Towards Disaster” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Firehouse 51 had to learn how to adjust to their new interim Battalion Chief Pat Pridgen (Matthew del Negro) after Chief Wallace Boden (Eammonn Walker) decided to go on furlough in order to take care of his father’s affairs. However, this became more complicated after discovering that Pridgen had assigned Tommy Welch (Kenny Johnson) to substitute for Rick Newhouse (Edwin Hodges). It was after Lieutenant Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) discovered that his new girlfriend, Beth (Bree Williamson) was Pridgen’s ex-wife. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Lieutenant Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) waking up in bed two days after the luau with Beth (Bree Williamson) whom he had slept with. While he got ready for his shift, he discovered that Beth was going to finalize her divorce that afternoon as her husband was going to sign the divorce papers.

At the firehouse, Chief Wallace Boden (Eammonn Walker) informed them that he was going to go on furlough to take care of his father’s affairs. He told them that their new interim Batallion Chief would be a man named Pat Pridgen (Matthew del Negro). Afterwards, they were surprised to learn that Tommy Welch (Kenny Johnson) was on relief assignment to Squad 3. He was there in order to fill in Rick Newhouse’s (Edwin Hodges) spot for the time being. Because of this, Firefighter Candidate Gabriella “Gabby” Dawson, Casey and Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) informed the chief of their history with Welch. On the other hand, Pridgen told them that Welch was there to stay for the time being. Afterwards, Casey informed Severide that he had taken his advice and had been with Beth the entire time for the past couple of days.

Welch, in the meantime, was not being welcomed at all by anyone in the mess hall because his past with the firehouse. He didn’t believe Gabby when she told him that she and Casey were no longer together. Outside, Celia (Liz E. Morgan) came around and thanked Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) by giving her a bracelet that she had made. Sylvie also became concerned after learning that Celia’s mother didn’t want her to buy a new guitar. She had lost her guitar that day when Sylvie and Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) had saved her. However, their conversation was cut short as they were called to go to a local bowling alley.

There, they discovered that a man named Jerry had gotten stuck halfway in the pin setter, which could be accessed through the maintenance room at the back. Pridgen ordered everyone to go to the back, but Severide disregarded that, and told them that some of them should stay in front. Severide, Casey and Sylvie stayed in front while Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Peter went to the back. Later on, Capp (Randy Flagler) went to the back to help them out. Otis (Yuri Sardarov) handed Severide a saw so that the ones at the back could pull Jerry out of there. After they managed to do so, Otis lost his footing on the newly waxed alley floor and fell on his back. Pridgen thought that this was hilarious and encouraged him to get up like one would do to a child. He gave him the nickname “Gutter Ball”, which Otis didn’t like.

On the way back to the firehouse, Sylvie saw a guitar at a pawnshop and decided to get one for Celia. Back at the station, Pridgen commended Severide for thinking quickly on his feet.

Later, as Casey and Severide were exiting the building, Casey became surprised to see that Beth was there. He was even more surprised to learn that Pridgen was her ex-husband. After his shift, he went to Beth and told her that they had to stop seeing each other. Beth refused to do so, and the two ended up sleeping with each other again.

Back at home, Sylvie explained to Gabby why she had bought the guitar while Gabby was having trouble with the faucet. Gabby then suggested that they call Casey to help them out with their plumbing. Sylvie didn’t think that that was such a good idea. The two of them shouldn’t be seeing much of each other anymore so that Gabby could get over Casey fast. Sylvie then suggested that Gabby should go out and date again, but Gabby didn’t seem too open to it.

Meanwhile, Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) stopped by Boden’s house. Boden needed help in order to calm baby Terrence down. He then became disturbed and upset after learning that Welch was currently with them. Herrmann then discovered that Boden was at his wit’s end with baby Terrence as his wife, Donna (Melissa Ponzio), had decided to take over handling his father’s affairs.

Back at home, Severide couldn’t believe that Casey had slept with Beth again. He told him that he needed to end things with her already. Casey then laughed after Gabby called him to ask for some help with their plumbing.

At Sylvie’s apartment, Gabby laughed at Casey after he got doused with water as the situation was still bad, and Gabby gave him a fresh towel.

While Casey was helping Gabby with the plumbing, Sylvie went over to Celia’s house to give her the guitar, but her mother refused to let her have it.

Back at the firehouse, Pridgen, much to Otis’ annoyance, gave him a bowling t-shirt that read Gutter Ball. Thankfully, before anyone could say anything else, Beth came in to deliver Pat’s notarized copy of the divorce papers. After he left, Herrmann told everyone that the reason why Pridgen’s firehouse had been shut down. It was because he had turned it into one of the worst in Chicago and that he often played “the angles” and “hated to lose.”

After Beth talked to her ex-husband, she went to see Casey. He told her that they should really stop seeing each other because it was dangerous to do so. She then just smiled and kissed him on the cheek before leaving. After that, Casey realized that Welch, who had just walked by, had seen everything.

Inside the firehouse, Pridgen told Mouch (Christian Stolte) and the others that Beth often caused trouble and that he often had to knock down her young admirers. Casey, who had heard everything remarked that Pridgen is a person who “picks a fight everywhere he goes.”

At the sleeping area, Joe comforted Sylvie and suggested that she find a more “non-intrusive” way to give Celia the guitar. She then told him that she just wanted to help Celia out. She knew how it felt like to have parents not care about them.

Afterwards, Pridgen called in Severide to his office and asked him to spy on Casey for him. Severide refused to do as they didn’t do that in their firehouse. However, before anyone could say another word, they were all called to a structure fire where Pridgen instructed that Casey’s truck would go inside instead of both Severide and Casey. Casey then brought in Herrmann, Otis and Gabby with him. Otis made a good save, as he was able to bring out a man who had been unconscious in the room where the fire was the biggest. After the chief nodded at him, Otis decided to bring in the house to put out the fire in that room. However, when he did so, the door of the room shut, causing the hose to get trapped under the door. Severide and Welch then answered Otis’ call for help and managed to get him out of there.

Back at the firehouse, Pridgen told them that none of them should go freelancing like that again. Casey then told the chief that Otis had made a “great save” that day. He told him that he had only done that to prove his worth to him, which shouldn’t even be. He then told the chief to treat everyone there with respect. Pridgen, who had gotten upset at Casey’s tone, ordered Severide and Casey to his office. He told them both off for being insubordinate. He then warned them that he could take legal action against them and punished them by having them wash all the windows of the firehouse.

Back at Boden’s house, Boden hugged Donna. He told her that he didn’t to ask Herrmann how things were doing at the firehouse as everything he needed was right in his own house.

Back at the firehouse, Sylvie told Celia that she was keeping the guitar. Celia was welcome to come over and use it for as long as she wanted to. Meanwhile, up on the roof, Severide and Casey mocked Pridgen and smoked his Cuban cigars, which had been given to him by Beth. Casey then noticed that Welch was talking to Gabby downstairs, which could only mean one thing.

Downstairs, Welch apologized for not believing Gabby. As a sign of good faith to her and the rest of 51, he told her to warn Casey to stop sleeping with Beth, Pridgen’s ex-wife. It was because if Pridgen ever found out, Pridgen would do everything in his power to end Casey’s career. Gabby then looked at Casey and shook her head at him.

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