Chicago Fire Recap: Madmen and Fools

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago Fire Recap: Madmen and Fools
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“Chicago Fire” Season 3 Episode 6 “Madmen and Fools“  aired last Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) helped out his sister, Christie (Nicole Forester), and her daughter, Violet, in her divorce to make sure that she and Violet would not be cheated out of their money by her husband, Jim Jordan (Mike McNamara). His fiancé, Candidate Gabriella “Gabby” Dawson (Monica Raymund) continued to train under Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenburg) but had some issues with him, as it seemed like he was “treating her like a child”. Meanwhile, Paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) and Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Tayolor Kinney) became heavily invested in a child that they had saved, as he had been taken away from his mother. Paramedic Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) went on his first stakeout with Richard Newhouse (Edwin Hodges) and got more action than he bargained for. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) barged into Jim Jordan’s (Mike McNamara) office after he had heard the news that he had offered his wife, Casey’s sister, Christie (Nicole Forester), a settlement in which she would only get “two grand” a month and would keep their house on the market, which would technically rob Christie and their daughter, Violet, with no money and house. He then showed Casey a document which showed that Christie had signed documents to authorized the transfer of assets to the account that was under his mistress’ name, Carrie Hathaway. Casey then warned him that he would take the fight to court and asked Rick Newhouse (Edwin Hodge), who ran a private investigation firm on the side, for the name of a good divorce lawyer that they could turn to.

Before their first call, Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) jokingly warned Capp (Randy Flagler) not to back out of their upcoming Las Vegas trip, as they practiced playing craps; and Newhouse confirmed with Paramedic Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett), that he would go with him after their shift on a case he was working on for his (Newhouse’s) private investigation firm.

Their first call for the day involved a little boy named Archie Keating, whose head got stuck in between the bars of the railing of his balcony. The situation was even more precarious as the railing had become detached from the balcony, and the mother, Catherine, could not hold on to the railing any longer. Casey ordered the aerial ladder to be put up so that Severide could get to Archie and to stop the railing from falling, while Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) and Gabriella “Gabby” Dawson (Monica Raymund) went inside the apartment so that they could tie the railing to their sledge hammer as an anchor. Herrmann the sledge hammer from Gabby, who was about to drive it into the doorframe. Casey then came up to hold Archie, while Severide used the saw to remove one of the bars where he was stuck in order to free him.  Afterwards, Catherine tried to get the paramedics, Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) and Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett), not to bring Archie to the hospital anymore, but the two told her that it was standard procedure.

At the hospital, Sylvie was surprised when the doctor asked if Archie had shown any signs of abuse, as his folder had “been flagged” before, and had been separated from his mother three years ago by Child Protective Services, as they suspected that he had been abused and neglected. At that very moment, Child Protective Services came and separated the two from each other.

After his shift, Casey accompanied his sister to the divorce attorney, who told them that they had a good case, especially as they could argue that Christie had no idea what the documents she had signed was for. However, she told them that she would think about it, as aside from a lawyer, they would also have to hire a forensic accountant, which cost a lot of money. Also, she had to think things through before deciding whether she was going to fight or take the settlement offer, as the lawyer had also said that they might be able to recover at least half of their assets, but ultimately, it would end up in a “custody war.”

Meanwhile, Newhouse instructed Peter to pretend to fix the car, while he went inside the gate of a house. Peter was then surprised when shots were fired and saw Newhouse running back to the car carrying a dog, with a man with a shotgun chasing after him. Afterwards, they met up with their client, a woman, who had divorced her husband, claimed custody of her dog.

The next morning, Gabby became annoyed at the fact that Herrmann was treating her like she did not know anything as he had her practice with the sledge hammer the entire morning. However, Casey advised her to take it up with Herrmann as the whole point of her being mentored by Herrmann was so that there would be a “separation” between both of them at work. Gabby, who continued to angrily practice with the sledge hammer told Peter, who had asked if she was okay, that she was upset as she had a fiancée that she couldn’t marry and “a mentor who treats her like a child.”

Archie’s mother then came by to ask for help from Sylvie and Severide, but Severide told her that they could not do anything. He then advised Sylvie not to get involved after a call was done. Before she could say another word, Peter and Sylvie responded to a call wherein a guitarist who had a tuning fork in his eye got upset at his friend and had shoved a corn dog down his throat.

Afterwards, Sylvie convinced Severide to help Catherine Keating out. They then asked a couple of questions and learned that she really did have a restraining order against her abusive ex-husband and that she had been sober for three years already. They also learned that Archie got stuck in the railing as he had been spying on their neighbors in the apartment below. They did this so that they would be able to know the person that they were going to vouch for. Afterwards, they paid a visit to the case manager at Child Protective Services and asked the case manager there to make Archie’s case a priority as he had been separated from his mother due to a mistake.

Back at the fire house, during one of her drills, Gabby decided to confront Herrmann about what had happened the other day and told him that she would like to be able “to do her job” when they were on calls, instead of Herrmann doing it for her. He then agreed to this but made her continue her drills as she was not yet finished with it.

Christie then swung by the firehouse with Violet and asked Casey to watch over Violet for a while as she was not able to get a sitter to watch her while she took her teacher’s recertification test. She then told Casey that she had decided to agree to accept the settlement rather than to drag out the case in court. Casey then comforted Violet and promised her that he would make everything be alright, as she believed that her father had done this to them because she had done something wrong. Because of this, Casey asked Newhouse to dig for any information on Carrie Hathaway that he could use against Jim. After a little while, Casey confronted Jim and informed him that she had found out. Thanks to Newhouse there was a standing “bench warrant” for Carrie’s arrest, as she had faked the will of a man she had married in Alabama four years ago so that she would be able to get everything. However, when her husband’s child sued her, she ran away, which was why the arrest was still standing. Casey then threatened Jim to do what was right for his daughter because if Casey ever mentioned Carrie’s warrant of arrest to anyone, she would get arrested. If that happened, then Jim would not be able to get a single cent of the assets he had moved, as everything was under Carrie’s name.

They were then called in to help the Chicago Police Department in forcibly entering a drug dealer’s house, as it was “heavily fortified with a metal door”.  As soon as they were able to get the metal door out by attaching it to the fire truck, Herrmann allowed Gabby to use the sledge hammer in order to pry open the door and to knock it open. The police were able to arrest their suspects, and Peter and Sylvie brought a severely injured hostage to the hospital. However, despite all their attempts, they were not able to save her. Afterwards, Sylvie decided to stop by at Child Protective Services and forcefully persuaded the case manager to move Archie’s folder to the top of his file. Because of this, Archie was returned to his mother, who thanked both Severide and Sylvie for what they had done.

As everyone had bailed on him for the squad Vegas trip, Severide invited Sylvie to come with him. However, Sylvie decided not to go as she felt that it was not the right time for her to do so. At Las Vegas, he met a girl (Serinda Swan), whom he shared a kiss with after she threw several lucky throws for him at the craps table.

At the locker room, Herrmann told Gabby that she had done a great job that day with the sledge hammer and told her that the reason why he was hard on her was because it was his job as an “old firefighter to teach the young firefighters.

Gabby then left with Casey, as his fiancé, to visit Christie and Violet to check up on them. They were surprised to hear that Jim agreed to double the payments for child support, to pay for Violet’s tuition for her old Latin school, and took their house “out of the market”. Violet was ecstatic and happy, as she had known that her Uncle Matt would make things better for them.

Meanwhile, Newhouse, who had gone outside his house to get his phone in the car, was hit by a tire iron by a man who told him that he could find him as easily as Newhouse could find him.

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