Chicago Fire Recap: Santa Bites

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago Fire Recap: Santa Bites
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“Chicago Fire” Season 3 Episode 10 “Santa Bites” aired last Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. NBC. In this episode, Molly’s II food truck got an unorthodox debut. Chief Wallace Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) little bundle of joy was delivered in an unorthodox way as well. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Gabriela “Gabby” Dawson (Monica Raymund) became even more distant from each other, and Paramedics Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) and Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) went missing, much to the distress of Truck 81. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Anthony “Papa” Lullo (James Russo) apologizing to Paramedic Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) for his violent reaction towards him regarding the death of his son. Peter then told him that his son had told him that he loved him and that he knew “how important family was” to him.

After Lullo had left, Peter told Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), that he had no intention of coming in between him and his fiancée, Gabriela “ Gabby” Dawson (Monica Raymund). Gabby then came, and Peter noticed that the engaged couple had gone to work in separate cars.

At the locker room, Gabby tried to apologize to Casey about the fact that Peter had held her hand at Molly’s after it had closed as he had been comforting her. She also told him that she didn’t even “remember what I said." However, Casey just closed his locker door and went with Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) to Chief Wallace Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) office. There, Chief Boden told them that as his wife, Donna (Melissa Ponzio), was expecting any time soon. He won’t be able to get a replacement fire chief when she does give birth. However, Severide and Casey told him not to worry, and teased him about becoming a father.

They were then interrupted by a call, a “building fire” that required everyone to be there. There, they realized that a couple, the Carlisle’s, were still up there. Suddenly, the window broke open, and Mr. Carlisle shouted for help. They were able to get a ladder up to him. Once it was there, he panicked and jumped for the ladder, almost knocking Severide off in the process. He then told them that his wife was still inside. Severide and Capp (Randy Flagler) then tried to search the apartment, but as nobody had responded to them. because the flames were too much already, they started to head back towards the window. However, before Severide could exit, he noticed that someone stuck a hand out from behind the bed frame. Thanks to that, they were able to rescue Mrs. Carlisle.

Back at the firehouse, they were greeted by Chaplain Orlovsky (Gordon Clapp), who used Christopher Herrmann’s (David Eigenberg) boot in order to collect donations for his Soup Kitchen. He then greeted Gabby, who told him that she had been meaning to come by, and told him with a sigh, that she was taking things “one day at a time.”  He then told her to keep the good work up, and told her that he was proud of her.

Inside the firehouse, the entire team could not believe that the news reporters were trying to make it seem like Mr. Carlisle was a hero, when all he did was throw himself out the window, without going back for his wife.

Donna then swung by as she wanted to tell her husband that she wanted their baby to have a hyphenated surname, so that it would read as “Terrence Robbins-Boden.” However, Boden, a stickler for tradition refused to even consider it.

At the kitchen, Mouch (Christian Stolte), Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso), and Otis (Yuri Sardarov) told Herrmann that they could finally debut their Molly’s II food truck during the Chicago Holiday Festival. It is where they could also sell all of Fire Chief Hale’s energy water. He had been upset at Herrmann for convincing him to buy so much of the energy water. He was not able to sell all of it, and because of that, he refused to consider Herrmann’s application for lieutenants. They then managed to convince him to let them do it. Rick Newhouse (Edwin Hodge) had cleared all their permits for them, and they would also be able to advertize Molly’s, as there would be media present.

A little while later, Boden called Paramedics Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) and Peter to his office. There, Peter told him that he was glad that he did not “ file a police report” against Mr. Lullo. He had swung by earlier to apologize for his behavior.  

Meanwhile, Casey and Gabby ended up fighting again. Casey revealed that he had heard Gabby say that “the home part” was the most difficult part of their relationship as an engaged couple, and as lieutenant and candidate. She then told him that the way things weren’t healthy for both of them. Casey told her that he had agreed to let her be under him as he had thought that she “could handle” it. He then told her that he was not “the one going back to my old flame (Peter) to complain” about his fiancé. As their voices had gotten louder, Herrmann, who passed by them suggested that they “take” the “conversation elsewhere.”  Because of this, Casey decided to leave.

At the kitchen, Herrmann, Mouch, Otis, and the dog, Pouch, rejoiced over the delicious “Santa Bites”- potatoes, turkey and cranberries in a bun, that Kara and Joe had made for the food truck.

Outside, the rescue squad was visited by Mr. Carlisle, who thanked them. He told them that his wife was still the hospital, but looking better. He then told them that he knew how they thought about him. He also told them that the only reason why he had panicked like that was because he had sustained burns when he was a teenager due to the explosion of a kiln in his house. Somehow, the trauma of the experience had not left him yet. After he had left, Severide told his squad to “walk a mile.” 

At the washing machine, Sylvie ran into Gabby and asked her if everything was alright. She also told her that she could always come to her if she wanted to talk as there wasn’t a lot of “estrogen in this house.”  Gabby then showed her a t-shirt from a barbecue that happened a few years back that she had found at the bottom of her locker. She then told her that she felt like the times when she was in love with Casey while he was still engaged to a doctor- Hayley-were simpler. Sylvie then told her that it was possible to “look back a year from now and be on the other side of whatever’s going on” at the moment, as she had experienced that. She then gave Gabby her pink t-shirt so that one day, she would find that at the bottom of her locker and remember that particular day.

In the firehouse corridors, Casey invited Severide to get just one drink with him after their shift. However, that one drink turned into drinking shots with a girl named Chloe and her friend.

Next day, he woke up disoriented and confused as he woke up on Chloe’s couch, and was even more shocked when Chloe walked passed him in a towel.

At the festival, while Joe and Sylvie were preparing the Santa Bites to serve to the public, Joe accidentally removed the parking brake of the truck.

Casey, who had finally arrived at the festival, hugged and kissed Gabby. She apologized for not answering her texts as he had left his phone somewhere. He also apologized to Gabby for being such a jerk towards her.

Meanwhile, as Herrmann was getting interviewed by his favorite news reporter, the Molly’s II food truck rolled out of its slot and crashed into the live Nativity scene that had been placed in the middle. This humiliated him, especially as the food truck smashing the Nativity scene made the front page of the morning paper the next day.

Meanwhile, Boden debated with himself and with anybody he could talk to about the importance of tradition. As he was adamant about having his child’s surname be hyphenated.

At the locker bathroom, Casey became relieved after he learned from Severide. He had been the one who had slept with Chloe. According to Severide, Casey had simply passed out on Chloe’s couch after he had plugged his phone in one of her outlets at her apartment.

At the kitchen, Herrmann, who was so upset about what had happened fired Joe and Mouch on the spot.

At the ambulance, Peter gave Sylvie a little present as he felt bad for having “jumped on her case a while back.”  After thanking him, she told him that she would open it as soon as their call was over. They then headed over to a man whose legs were badly injured as he had been run over by a garbage truck. They then placed him on a stretcher and got ready to bring him to the hospital. However, they were interrupted by a black car that came up to them.

Meanwhile, Severide and the entire rescue squad went over to the Carlisle’s apartment. The city wanted them to inspect it, since they wanted to condemn the building. After inspecting the apartment, Severide told Newhouse to get in touch with the Chicago Police Department. Afterward, as they had discovered that Mr. Carlisle had deliberately set the fire, they had him questioned by the police.

Meanwhile, the entire Truck 81 went over to the Chaplain’s soup kitchen and presented him his very own mobile soup kitchen- Molly’s II food truck. This had been Joe’s idea, as he had been trying to think of ways to figure out what to do now that they had gotten fired by Herrmann.

When they got back, Gabby was unpleasantly surprised when Chloe stopped by to return Casey’s phone to him. She angrily gave it back to Case. He told her that Severide was the one who had slept with Chloe, and not him. After she told him that Severide always brought out “the worst in you.” Casey answered that what brought out the worst in him was overhearing her telling Peter, her ex-boyfriend, that she wasn’t sure about their relationship anymore. It turned out that they still hadn’t gotten over what had happened. Casey told her that the problem was that she didn’t respect him as either her “fiancé or lieutenant.”  Because of this, she asked, “permission to leave the shift,”  which he granted.

Donna then came by and tried to argue with Boden regarding their baby’s surname, and suddenly started to feel the contractions. As Sylvie, Peter and Gabby weren’t there, Severide and the squad brought Donna and Boden to the squad truck so that they could drive them quickly to the hospital. However, Boden ended up having to deliver baby Terrence in the squad truck in the middle of all the traffic. Before they reached the hospital, Donna told Boden that they would keep the tradition of not hyphenating his surname. However, as soon as they reached the hospital, baby Terrence was immediately rushed to the Emergency Room as he started to turn blue.

Meanwhile, Truck 81 decided to investigate where Sylvie and Peter were as they hadn’t come back since the morning. However, when they got the last place they were seen, they saw the ambulance open and a man on the stretcher. However, there was no sign of Peter or Sylvie anywhere.

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