Chicago Fire Recap: The Nuclear Option

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago Fire Recap: The Nuclear Option
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“Chicago Fire” Season 3 Episode 5 “The Nuclear Option” aired last Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Truck 81 and, specifically, Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) dealt with the effects of having Gabriella Dawson (Monica Raymund), who was with their truck leader, Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), as their candidate. Meanwhile, Casey dealt with some family troubles when he realized that all was not well in his sister’s marriage. The boys of Molly’s 2 had a hard time trying to get their food truck to start up, while Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) could not decide whether to return to Fowlerton with her ex-fiancé or to stay in Chicago. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) met up with his niece, Violet, at a diner, where she asked him to sign her detention slip as she had been in a fight. Casey then was surprised to learn that his sister and her family had moved and had transferred Violet to a public school. At the firehouse, he told his fiancée, Gabriella Dawson (Monica Raymund), that he felt like a bad brother. 

Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer), who had spent the night with her ex-fiancé, was indecisive about moving back to Fowlerton with him, as he seemed pretty determined to make things right this time around. However, she did not have to answer him right away as she was late for work. Later on, in the firehouse, she accidentally shared that she had spent the night with her ex-fiancé to Lieutenant Kelley Severide (Taylor Kinney) and admitted that she was not sure what their relationship was as of the moment, as she did not want to go back to Fowlerton.

They then received a call for a structure fire, which they all responded to. As Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) could not drive the truck for ten weeks as his driving privileges had been suspended, Truck 81 had to bear with the driving of Otis (Yuri Sardarov).

At the scene, Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) told them that he and Gabby would vent the roof, while the others searched the building. However, much to their surprise, Casey volunteered to vent the roof with Gabby. As soon as they got up to the roof, Joe moved the aerial ladder to the side, as he had seen someone crash out of a room into a balcony. He then went up the ladder to save the man, who later on survived.

However, since Casey realized that he and Gabby could not make it to the aerial ladder on time due to the fire, they decided to rappel down. Gabby got worried as her cable had gotten stuck, but with Casey’s careful and patient instructions, she was able to get down safely.  

While Lieutenant Kelley Severide (Taylor Kinney) looked around for more drinking buddies for the night, Casey asked Herrmann to “fill in as acting lieutenant for an hour,” as he had to take care of some personal business. Casey then visited his sister, Christie (Nicole Forester), and learned that they had moved as they were broke and that Violet had been getting into fights lately at the public school she now attends. Because of this, when he got back to the firehouse, he pulled Gabby aside, while she was waxing Chief Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) car in order to ask for advice on what he should do. Shen then told him that if he wanted to lend them money, that he should give it to Jim Jordan, Christy’s husband, as Christy was “too proud” to take it. However, this incident annoyed Herrmann, who ended up waxing the Chief’s car. In his annoyance, he told her that he would take care of a duty reserved for a candidate so that she could “canoodle with her lieutenant.”

Right after that, Casey decided to visit Jim’s office, where he discovered that Christie and him were going through mediation and talking about divorcing each other. Then Jim’s secretary came in and called Jim “babe,” which angered Casey. Because of this, she decided to have Jim investigated.

Meanwhile, Otis tried to reassure Joe that he did not intend to take over the role of driver, but all Joe wanted to do was to give him a suggestion on how to fix the truck’s engine. They were then interrupted by Chief Boden, who gave them the parking tickets that had accumulated on the Molly’s 2 food truck, and warned them to take it out already.

Herrmann went to Chief Boden's office and told him that their situation with Gabby being a candidate under Casey was not working at all, as was seen by the fact that Casey had gone up to vent the roof with her in order to protect her. However, Boden reminded him that they owe Gabby as she was the one who kept the house together by staying on as a paramedic on Ambulance 61 when Leslie Shay had died. Boden also told him that he knew that they could figure out a way to deal with it.

Meanwhile, Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) and Sylvie answered a call where to Chicago PD police officers escorted a man in his underwear to them, who started snapping at them like a dog and tried to strangle Peter before Sylvie sedated him.  

Back at the firehouse, both Otis and Joe came up with excuses not to go with Severide that night for drinking, and Otis was delighted that his nephews were going to visit the firehouse the next day, as they would be able to see him drive the truck.

Mouch (Christian Stolte) went to the Chicago PD station in order to ask help from his girlfriend, Sergeant Trudy Platt (Amy Morton), regarding their parking tickets but was showed the way to the cashier’s window. Casey, who had accompanied Mouch to the station, met up with Adam Ruzek (John Patrick Flueger) and asked for his help in investigating his brother in law.

While this was going on, Boden met up with one of the brass of the Fire Department in a bid to fast track the removal of Joe’s driving suspension to no avail, even if he threatened that he would take the matter “upstairs.”

Later that night, Sylvie found, much to her dismay, that someone broke into her house. As she saw that the thief was still inside the house, she grabbed a baseball bat and told him to give back her grandmother’s ring. Frightened, the thief dropped his bag and left the house. Sylvie then called up Harrison, her ex-fiancé, to tell him what had just happened. However, when Harrison visited her the next day, Sylvie told him that she did not want to leave Chicago at all because she realized that she had Fowlerton and him because he had always made her feel crazy and stupid, to the point that it felt that he was “cutting her down.” He then threatened that if she walked out the locker room doors to the station, he would not be there anymore for her.

That same day, Joe discovered that they had three more parking tickets, which Mouch told them he would handle. Ruzek then paid Casey a visit and told him that Jim and his receptionist, Carrie Hathaway, had been seeing each other for quite a while now and that his company was doing fine. Ruzek also had discovered that Jim was playing a “shell game” to keep his “assests out of Christie’s reach” as he had “relinquished control of the company to a third party- Carrie Hathaway.” This meant that if Christie signed any mediation agreement, Christy would get nothing.

The entire house then responded to a call where the doors of an elevator with an old design had flown to the top, trapping five to six people inside. As they reached the top, they realized that the elevator doors would not open. They then realized that someone small, like Herrmann or Gabby, could squeeze into the elevator to assess the situation and try to open the inner doors. Before Gabby could say anything, Herrmann volunteered to go inside. However, as soon as he got in, the elevator dropped down by two stories. He told them that he was okay and instructed Sylvie and Peter to get ready as one of the women in the elevator had a “serious spinal chord injury.” As Otis could not find the keyhole in order to pry the doors open, Severide, with a drill and a piece of paper, was able to punch a hole into the paper where the keyhole at the top floor was. Thanks to this, they were able to open the doors, and the injured woman was able to get the treatment that she needed.

Back at the firehouse, as Boden warned them again about the Molly’s 2 food truck that would not start, Mouch decided to go with the “Nuclear option”, and swapped bathroom duty with Squad for an entire year if Capp (Randy Flagler) helped them get the truck started. Boden then came down to tell Joe that his suspension had been removed. Delighted, Joe apologized to Otis, and started to climb onto the driver’s seat, but stopped as Otis’ nephews were there to see their uncle drive the truck. As he knew that he would be driving the truck later on, he allowed Otis to have this chance to make his nephews proud.

As Otis drove the truck out of the station, Herrmann ran to close the compartment doors, as Gabby had a habit of leaving them open. Afterwards, he did not say a word to Gabby, who was watching him the entire time. Then she confronted him and asked why he was not saying anything about it, as she had been doing it for days in order to get his attention. She then told him that how they were treating her was her worst nightmare, that they would not treat her like “any other candidate.” Herrmann answered by telling her that if she was like any normal candidate, she would have waited for a spot to open at another firehouse, especially as her situation was challenging as she was with their truck lieutenant. Then she told him that to end the entire thing, she wanted to “shadow him on calls” as she believed that she could learn a lot for him. He then accepted and told her to “start by closing” the compartment doors.

Later that day, Casey told his sister the truth about what Jim had been doing. This cause her to burst into tears, as she thought that they could work things out and that she just wanted everything to be settled. However, Casey promised her that he would help her and reassured Violet that everything was going to be okay.

Later that night,  at Molly’s, Casey learned that Boden had given up his privilege to be promoted when the next round of promotions came around so that Joe could get his driving privileges back. Severide welcomed Sylvie to their card game and insisted that the entire squad should go to Las Vegas the next weekend. Behind the bar, Herrmann promised Gabby that he would make a “firefighter” out of her, which was exactly what she wanted.

That same night, Casey confronted Jim and Carrie, who were on a date and told them that he would go to Jim’s office the next day at 8:00 a.m. so that they all could look at his books and warned him that he should be there so that he wouldn’t have to go and find him.  

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