Chicago Fire Recap: Three Bells

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago Fire Recap: Three Bells
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“Chicago Fire” Season 3 Episode 13 “Three Bells” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, at 10 PM on NBC. In this episode, the entire Firehouse 51 remembered Paramedic Leslie Elizabeth Shay (Lauren German) as her dedication ceremony was coming up and her sister, Megan (Ellen Woglom), came to visit. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Captain Lynette Cunningham (Annika Boras) unearthed more clues that led them straight to the arsonist. During the course of the investigation, Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) discovered that the arsonist may have been connected to a past fire that had left him with a scar on his back and that had killed Paramedic Peter Mills’ (Charlie Barnett) father. Meanwhile, Firefighter Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) dealt with an unexpected visitor to his and Otis’ (Yuri Sardarov) home. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began right after the previous one left off, with Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Firefighter Candidate Gabriella “Gabby” Dawson (Monica Raymund) giving Captain Lynette Cunningham (Annika Boras) some actual physical evidence in order to prove that the fire that killed Paramedic Leslie Elizabeth Shay (Lauren German) had been arson. Captain Cunningham then told them to wait for her call, as she was going to look into it.

Meanwhile, Otis’ (Yuri Sardarov) grandmother, Baba, arrived from Russia, much to the surprise of Firefighter Joe Cruz’s (Joe Minoso), who was even more into the reaction after learning that she was going to stay with them for the time being.

At Firehouse 51, they received a special visitor in the person of Shay’s sister, Megan (Ellen Woglom), who was told to go there by their parents in order to get some answers regarding Shay’s death. After they greeted her, she was told that it was possible that Shay had been killed as a result of arson and that an investigation had been started to look into it. However, they were interrupted by Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) who informed Severide that former Firefighter Kevin Hadley (William Smillie), who had targeted Severide in a series of arsons, had called from prison and was asking to speak to him. As it seemed like Hadley knew that Shay’s death was caused by arson, Severide decided to visit Hadley alone.

In the visiting room at the prison, Hadley told Severide that someone had sent him a newspaper clipping that talked about Shay’s death, and scribbled on “They shouldn’t have use the word ‘accident.’” However, it was signed “an admirer.” Hadley then told Severide that he would give him the envelope which had a return address on it if he could get the warden to give him a special mattress for people with chronic pain.

In the halls of the house, Megan discovered that Gabby and Lieutenant Matthew “Matt” Casey (Jesse Spencer) were no longer together and that she was currently living with Paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer). They then invited her to stay with them for the meantime as she had nowhere else to stay while she was in Chicago. However, they were interrupted by a call which asked for all of them — Ambulance 61, Squad 3 and Truck 81 — as there was a structure fire happening at that very moment.

They all went over to the Chicago Monetary Exchange, where they discovered that the fire was within the teller room with bullet-proof windows. Inside was a man who fainted before he could get to the panic bar across the room that would allow him to open the locked door on the other side. Casey then suggested to Boden that they work on the teller window so that he could get inside, and told Gabby and the others to be ready for him on the other side. He managed to get the man alive and made his way to the other side of the room, to the door. However, halfway through there, the ceiling started to collapse and they lost contact with Casey for a while, especially since his mask had fallen off. However, he managed to put it back on again and was able to get the victim to safety. Outside, Sylvie insisted on taking a look at him, and Gabby called him “baby” and told him not to scare her again like that, leaving him a little bit confused as to what their current relationship was.

After they returned to the firehouse, Joe was shocked to learn that Baba was going to live with them from now on, and asked Otis to take Baba out that Saturday, since he was having Sylvie over as it was their third monthsary.

Severide, who had received the envelope from Hadley, showed it to Boden and told him that the address was that of an abandoned lot. However, Boden recognized it as the venue of the fire that had killed Paramedic Peter Mills’ (Charlie Barnett) father and where he had gotten burnt on his back, meaning that these two cases were related, even if they were around 20 years apart. After discovering this, Boden informed Peter that they believed the recent fire fire had been arson, and probably related to Shay’s arson.

Meanwhile, thanks to this information, Captain Cunningham was able to create a map of possible arsons within that time frame. Severide then showed this map to Megan and Gabby later that night.

The next day, Gabby and Sylvie decided that Megan should ride with her and Peter on a call so that she could see what her sister did every day. They then encountered a man who insisted that they call the police as he was dangerous. Peter then called for backup and pinned the man to the ground after he pulled a knife on Sylvie. Thankfully, Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Officer Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty) came and took him away. They then reassured Megan, who was visibly shaken, that they were alright, and Peter told her that Shay had probably never told her how intense the job was as she never wanted anyone to worry about her.

Back at the firehouse, Captain Cunningham took Severide with her in order to ask the man who rented out the storage units to identify a possible suspect from a series of photographs. He then recognized one man — Adrian Gish (Robert Knepper). Captain Cunningham then discovered that he had been suspected of two other arsons, and lived right in the center of the “hotzone.” However, he had never been charged with anything as he had always come in voluntarily for questioning and no evidence was really ever found.

They then met him at his workplace, during his lunch break. There, he showed them that he knew a lot about the fire, and gave Severide his condolences and told him that Shay had been pretty and photogenic. After he left, Severide tried to follow him but was stopped by the captain, whose next step was to see if her superiors would allow her to question Gish.

The next day, at the firehouse, Herrmann related to Megan how Shay had been the very first time that she had come to work there, and told her that they all missed Shay. He and Mouch (Christian Stolte) then escorted Megan outside the firehouse where everyone was dressed up in their dress uniforms for Shay’s dedication ceremony. Gabby then gave a small speech, in which she told them that Shay’s loss had caused them to be a stronger family, more than ever, and reminded everyone that Shay would have wanted them to stick together and to support each other always. She then told Megan that she was lucky to have a friend like Shay. They then saluted to Shay, while the bell was rung thrice, after Boden presented an American flag to Megan. Severide then unveiled the new door of the ambulance which now had Leslie’s name on it.

Afterwards, Casey and Gabby went out for dinner and apologized to each other for what had happened to them and their relationship. However, Casey told Gabby that she was a great firefighter and was glad to be her lieutenant. The two then started talking as if they were friends again, after they both agreed to put their relationship on hold so that they could take stock of their own lives. Meanwhile, Sylvie and Joe tried to celebrate a romantic monthsary night with each other, only to have it halted in the middle as Baba had decided to stay up to watch them.

At Molly’s, Boden’s father refused to take his medications, but Boden managed to cut him a deal. If he would drink his medications, Boden would throw him a party, the way that his father used to throw parties. After his father left to take his medications, Boden went over to Megan and the other members of Firehouse 51 at their table. They were then approached by Captain Cunningham who apologized and informed them that her superiors had decided not to investigate the case. Because of this, Gabby called up her brother, Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda), to ask for his help to investigate the matter and to bring the arsonist to justice.

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