Chicago Fire Season 5 Spoilers: Will Antonio Dawson Succumb to Seduction?

By Savitha Muppala | 2 years ago
Chicago Fire Season 5 Spoilers: Will Antonio Dawson Succumb to Seduction?
Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Season 5 upcoming episode will see Sylvie Brett show her true colors. This may bewilder fans.

Sylvie Turns on Her Charm

Sylvie Brett flirts with Antonio Dawson on the new episode of Chicago Fire. The trailer for the episode teases fans and tickles their curiosity.

Reportedly, Kara Killmer who plays Sylvie Brett and Jon Seda who plays Antonio Dawson, are at an intense moment of their lives. While they are alone together,  Sylvie confesses to Dawson that this is the moment she has been waiting for. Sylvie’s got intimacy on her mind.  Will Sylvie achieves what she sets out to.

Dawson’s Haunting Past

Apt to mention, Chicago P.D’s Antonio Dawson is a patient man and may not do anything in a hurry. He will obviously wait to be married.

This is because Antonio Dawson experienced a personal tragedy in the past. He lost his earlier wife, Julie Willhite, who was a co-detective. Julie lost her life during an operation to nail Pulpo. She was shot and did not survive.

Julie’s untimely death left a deep void in Dawson’s life. As a result, Dawson turned wary of relationships. Therefore, Dawson treads carefully in his relationship with Sylvie Brett.

In addition, fans must make note that Kara Kilmer’s life so far is no piece of cake. It is a roller coaster ride for her with a dominating husband. Further, as  a paramedic, brought with its own stresses, reveals Game N Guide.

Therefore, fans cannot blame her as life is certainly not easy. It may have taken a toll on her emotional health.

Sylvie Brett’s Seduces Antonio Dawson?

A friendship that began when Sylvie became a paramedic-in-charge in place of Shay has grown to be quite close.

The scenes show that passion is in the air between Dawson and Sylvie. Will the couple get physically intimate?

Chicago Fire Season 5 will be witness to significant changes in case Dawson and Sylvie taking their relationship further.

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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