Chicago PD Recap: Call It Macaroni

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago PD Recap: Call It Macaroni
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“Chicago PD” Season 2 Episode 1 “Call It Macaroni” aired on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) was called to testify regarding Chicago Police Sheldon Jin’s (Archie Kao) murder. Meanwhile, a routine job of escorting an armored car led to a hunt for two notorious criminal brothers — one of whom was being tried in court and has had a past with Detective Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Sergeant Hank Voight being questioned if he had any information that would help the investigation regarding Chicago Police Detective Sheldon Jin’s murder, which he denied. At the Intelligence Unit office, Officer Kevin Atwater (Laroyce Hawkins) asked Voight what the update  regarding Jin’s murder investigation was, to which he replied that they were after his badge. Moreover, he told Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) that Central did not want them to investigate Jin’s murder as Jin was part of their unit.

Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) met with his female confidential informant who told him that she just needed to get enough money so that she could move to Kansas City. She also gave him a tip that there would be an armored car that would be hit the next day. The tip was “Trade Safe, Route 5, Tomorrow.” As she had never given him bad information before, Voight allowed Antonio to set up the security detail with the armored car services company.

The next day, as the team got ready and geared up, Nadia, Detective Erin Lindsay’s (Sophia Bush) friend, arrived. She was going to work there as the secretary. Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) also got ready, as he was the one going undercover in the armored car while the rest of the unit tailed the van.

Everything was going smoothly until a truck smashed into Antonio and Voight’s car. The guy in the passenger seat shot the driver, and then chaos reigned as more cars and gunmen appeared on the scene. The gunmen were able to grab the bag in the truck and left, leaving one of the gunmen dead.

Meanwhile, Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) met her new partner, Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty), who was disappointed that Kim was a female as he was hoping to have a male partner. However, he was able to identify the dead gunman as Jeff Gamble. Sergeant Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) then gave Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a letter addressed to him.

During the debriefing, it turned out that the shooter in the van joined the armored car service three days ago, and they were currently making inquiries on who he was and how he was employed.

Jay pulled Erin aside after she evaded a call that Nadia said was from someone called Bunny. He showed her the letter. Jin had sent the letter to him, with a note saying, “I know I can trust you,” and a thumb drive. He then told her that he would give it to Voight after checking what was on it.

While this was happening, States Attorney Steve Cotts paid Voight and Olinsky a visit. He informed them that a key piece of evidence in his case against known criminal Oskar Bembenek — Oskar’s bloody shirt containing the blood of one of his victims was being transported in that van. The shirt was being transported to an independent laboratory, and the police were not informed as the judge feared that there was police corruption in the case. Because of this, Olinsky was furious.

At another debriefing, Sean identified the dead gunman as Jeff Gamble and that he and Kim could look for his cousin Chris to see if he knew what Jeff was up to. Olinsky then told the team that Oskar Bembenek operated his gang with his brother, Jacob, and he usually subcontracts men to do his dirty work for him. This case is personal to him, as he knew Oskar’s last victim, a girl named Judy Martin.

Atwater got a phone call from the car service company, who informed him that the supervisor whom he had been trying to get a hold of had gone home. Erin and Halstead were told to go check out the supervisor, while Ruzek and Atwater looked over the pickup truck that had rammed into Antonio and Voight.

Meanwhile, Antonio met up with his informant who refused to tell him who her source was. He then told her to lay low and to forget about the entire thing.

At the same time, Olinsky visited Oskar Bembenek at a restaurant and warned him that he was coming after him.

In the car, Jay informed Erin that Jin had been working with Internal Affairs and that Voight was mixed in with them, which Erin refused to believe. They knocked on the supervisor’s door, but to no avail, as they discovered that he was killed while trying to clear out. He was the one who had tipped off the men that the police were there.

Meanwhile, Olinsky and Ruzek visited Fritz Welson, a guy who usually does car repair work for the Bembeneks. They visited him as Atwater and Ruzek had discovered that the pickup truck had been retrofitted with a metal plate so that they could ram into things. Fritz then told them that he was not there when he received the order and decided to let them know whenever he found the worker in his yard that did. However, he was not able to get back to Olinsky, as he was found dead later on.

Back at the station, Jay decided to inform Voight about the thumb drive and gave it to him. Based on the partial transcripts he discovered, he confronted Internal Affairs Agent Edward Stilwell (Ian Bohen) as he knew that he had murdered Jin. However, Stilwell told him that if he went down, then everybody would know about the deal Voight made with Internal Affairs and that would mean that Voight’s career would be over as well. Later, Jay asked for what the next plan of action would be against Stilwell, but Voight said that he would handle it and refused to give the thumb drive to Jay. Jay then realized that Voight planned to bury the evidence. Erin refused to believe this and the fact that Voight may have been involved with Internal Affairs. Jay then asked her how much she really knew about Voight. However, after a surprise visit from Jin’s mother, who thanked him for fulfilling Jin’s dream to become a police officer, he decided to give a record of the files to his supervisor. Voight told him that Stilwell had threatened to kill Jin thrice. How Stilwell killed Jin and what he did with the body was recorded on the CD as well.

Meanwhile, Kim discovered that Sean was shy around female officers as he had fallen in love with his former partner and wanted to avoid that from happening again. They paid a visit to Chris Campbell’s house, as Chris was Jeff’s cousin. The pair chased Chris down and were successful in arresting him. In interrogation, Erin and Jay learned that Chris, Jeff and their partner Christian had not been warned that policemen would be involved. As the money they had stolen amounted to $40,000 only, they decided to trade the shirt for $200,000, and the deal would happen the next day. Erin once again avoided a call from Bunny.

The next day, Stilwell was arrested for Jin’s murder. At the station, Voight revealed to the team that to get his job back, he had to pretend to be a dirty cop so that he could help take down some high level street criminals. However, he had “never agreed or reported on another cop, but a deal is a deal.” As the team got ready for the meet up, Nadia informed Voight that Commander Perry needed him at the Ivory Tower. He told Nadia to make sure that Chief Tim O’ Leary was there and handed the command over to Antonio.

At the trade off, they were able to corner the car of Jacob and Oskar. Oskar was arrested, and Jacob was shot by Jay, as Jacob had opened fire on them.

At the meeting, Voight was informed that Stilwell had accused him of giving a cut of his street money to him. He then asked for a minute with Chief O’ Leary. He showed the Chief that he had files and information on the Chief himself, as Jin really recorded many things since he was good with technology. Because of this, Voight was able to avoid suspension, or as Ruzek said, “Call it macaroni.”

As the $200,000 originally stemmed from the tip off that Antonio’s confidential informant gave him, he gave her 10 percent or $20,000 and told her to get herself to Kansas.

After the long day ended, Erin decided to visit Bunny (Markie Post), her mother. She told her mother never to call her at work and to just email her instead. Bunny told her that she was getting married, to which she replied, “That’s great. Send me an email.”

However, Olinsky informed Jay that Oskar had just put out a $100,000 bounty on his head for shooting Jacob.

Meanwhile, Voight, in a kind gesture, gave Jin’s father some money to pay off his gambling debts, telling him that his “wife needs him.”

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