Chicago PD Recap: Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago PD Recap: Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw
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“Chicago PD” Season 2 Episode 4 “Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw” aired last Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. The entire Intelligence Unit raced against time to save two kidnapped girls — Alisson Becks and Hayden Gordon. Meanwhile, Officers Kim Burgess (Marina Squaerciati) and Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty), while serving on the annual gun buy back duty, unexpectedly found a gun involved in a triple homicide which Sean had responded to before. Read on to learn more about this episode.

As the episode opened, Officers Kim Burgess and Sean Roman were assigned to the annual gun buy back duty in an effort to clean the streets of unregistered guns. People would turn in their guns in exchange for a grocery gift certificate. Afterwards, Sergeant Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) reminded Detectives Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) that they had to take their mandatory gun requalification test soon.

At the department, Commander Fisher and Alderman Colin Becks (Armand Schultz) met with Sergeant Hank Voight as Becks’ daughter Allison and her best friend, Hayden Tannenbaum (Fiona Robert), had been missing since the night beforehand, and Voight was ordered to make the case a priority.

According to their preliminary investigation, both girls were 16 years old and booked a car from Uber, which picked them up at the library.  As the Uber car was their only lead, Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) got in touch with the company to track down the driver, while Jay got in touch with Uber to pull the GPS from the Uber car that was used. However, Ruzek told them that they had a problem with the driver.

They were then able to track down the Uber car, where they found that the seats were bloody; and the driver was bound, beaten and left for dead in a nearby field. At the hospital, the driver told them that he had been pulled from his seat and had been beaten, after he was robbed of his phone and wallet. However, he could not really identify the two men who had attacked them, as they had worn masks. He then informed them that he had not picked up the girls from the library.

Meanwhile, Voight visited Becks and told him to tell him right away if he could think of anyone who wanted to harm him. While Voight was at Becks’, Erin and Jay visited the Tannenbaums, who could not think of anyone who would have wanted to hurt their daughter. Hayden’s parents were visibly distraught, and the father, Gordon, who owned a construction company, tried his hardest to be strong for the both of them.

Back at the Intelligence Unit, Officer Kevin Atwater (Laroyce Hawkins) discovered that the girls had been picked up at the Central Chicago University Dorm and had been seen in the room of Jordan Briggs, who seemed to have had a falling out with Alisson, as she had not answered his persistent text messages and told him to “stop texting her.” After Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Atwater visited Jordan Briggs, they learned that he and Allison were in a relationship, and they had a fight. However, he seemed genuinely shocked when he learned that the girls had gone missing. They were then called back right away as Ruzek had gotten a ping on the Uber driver’s missing phone, which led them to a building at a shady neighborhood.

The kidnappers started firing on them as they approached the building, and all of a sudden, a girl, Hayden Tannenbaum, fell through the window. Antonio and Detective Alvin Olinksy (Elias Koteas) gunned down the kidnapper near the window, while Jay and Atwater chased after the car that had Allison inside of it.

Back at the station, Antonio got mad at his daughter, Eva, who had left her mother of all sudden, and had taken a train to see him. He then instructed their secretary, Nadia (Stella Maeve), to take care of her while she waited for her mother to pick her up.

At the hospital, Hayden told them that the kidnappers had worn masks the entire time and had tied them to the radiator. The two men had been arguing with each other as they had to move the girls, as they had probably had seen the Intelligence Unit coming in on them. When they untied the girls from the radiator, instinct had taken over Hayden, and she jumped through the window in order to save herself. However, as Alisson was still alive, there was still a chance that she could still be saved. Becks, who was at the hospital, then gave Voight a list of everyone he knew as he could not think of anyone who would have wanted to hurt him or his daughter.

Back at the precinct, they discovered that the dead kidnapper was an ex-convict named Jason Woodley. Right before Erin and Voight left for the hospital to see if Hayden could identify him, Voight was told that he had a visitor waiting for him — Olive Morgan. Olive, as it turned out, had dated his son Justin, who was now in the Marines, and had just wanted him to know that she was pregnant with his baby. Voight took the news well, promised that he would tell Justin and that she should call him up so that they could talk later.

At the hospital, Hayden recognized Jason Woodley, as she had seen him talking with her father and another man before. At interrogation, he told them that he had known Woodley from his past; and since he had clammed up and refused to say anything else, Jay and Alvin went to interview Jason’s mother to see if she knew anyone that was close to Jason that might also be in on the kidnapping. They then learned that he had been close to another criminal and troublemaker named Reed Dryer, who had been a construction foreman and had gotten out of jail recently as he had served 10 years for robbing a man who had been embezzling from Gordon Tannenbaum’s company. As he had gone to jail for doing a favor for Gordon, they believed that he might be now settling the score.  

Meanwhile, Antonio apologized to Eva for snapping at her, as he got scared at what she had done, especially given the case they were dealing with at the moment. She then revealed that she had been scared about what would be happening to their family  in the future, as she had “heard some things.” Antonio then reassured her that he had not given up on his marriage yet and that no matter what, she, her brother Diego and Antonio were a “knot that could never become undone.” He also assured her that he loved them very much.

As Gordon and his lawyer refused to cooperate, Voight decided to bring in Gordon’s wife and Hayden who pleaded to him to tell the police all that he knew. He then revealed that he had given them Becks’ phone, but he had not expected that anything would have happened to his own daughter.

They were able to track the cell phone to an old abandoned school. Erin and Antonio went inside to check out the premises; Jay was positioned on the roof of the opposite building with a rifle, just in case. Ruzek and Atwater ran surveillance from the van, and Alvin and Voight waited outside in a car, ready to respond if anything happened. According to Ruzek and Atwater, there were 16 rooms in the school, and the northernmost room, where Jay had detected movement, was in the science laboratory. There, they found Becks, who was trying to pay Reed the money that he had put out as ransom so that Allison would be freed. As Erin and Antonio entered, shots were fired and ended up with Becks on the floor, with a bullet wound. Reed then tried to save himself by telling them that they needed him to find the girl.

However, Atwater and Ruzek were able to figure out that Allison was being held in the old music room, as music rooms were usually sound proof — an ideal place to hide a person as no one would be able to hear them screaming for help from there. As they already had Allison, Antonio shot Reed in the knee, while Voight reunited Allison with her father.

Meanwhile, Sean and Kim were bored by the gun buy back duty that they had. Sean’s day became even more worse when he learned that one of the guys in his side business, a private security firm, had cancelled on him last minute. However, things changed when Sean recognized one of the guns that was brought to him as a gun that had disappeared at a triple homicide that he had responded to before. He informed Sergeant Platt about this, but she just ignored them. As they were able to get the name and the address of the person who had brought the gun, Mrs. Birdy, they were able to track her down. As a pretext to enter her house, they told her that they would have to exchange the gift card they had given to her for a better one. While there, Sean asked her if there was anything else on the gun that she had brought, as it seemed like there had been something attached to it. Thanks to her lead, they were able to discover a plastic bottle and some rugs that had been used as a makeshift silencer in the dumpster. However, Sergeant Platt was not pleased with them at all and forced them to go home, even if homicide now could guarantee a conviction from their main suspect thanks to their evidence.

After their shift, Jay and Erin bet on who would get the most marks during their gun requalification test.

Meanwhile, Voight met up with Olive and cooked her a hearty meal, as she was now “eating for two.” He then asked her about herself and told her that he had told Justin, who was now eager to get back home during his next leave to be able to be with her. Voight also gave her some of the money he had stored in his cellar vault for Olive and her baby, which would be his grandchild.

At the locker room, Sean asked Antonio if he would like to join his side business, as it paid well. Antonio then decided to take up on the offer and went on his first job in Sean’s private security firm.

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