Chicago PD Recap: Get My Cigarettes

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Chicago PD Recap: Get My Cigarettes
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“Chicago PD” Season 2 Episode 2 “Get My Cigarettes” aired on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode,  a string of mysterious shotgun murders became personal for Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) when he discovered that one of his childhood friends was murdered. Meanwhile, Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) started to feel the aftereffects of the bounty that was put on his head. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with the team discussing the bounty that was placed on Detective Jay Halstead’s head. However, their conversation was interrupted when their boss, Sergeant Hank Voight, came in with a case for them to solve — the murder of Billy Fagen, a local hooligan. He was found murdered with a shotgun, with a dollar bill pinned to the clothes on his chest. Voight informed them that this had come in from Organized Crime. However, Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), who was still affected by Voight’s announcement in the previous episode that he had made a deal with Internal Affairs to look like a dirty cop to save his job, asked if he only got the case as the boys at Organized Crime were his poker buddies. Voight then pulled Lindsay aside and told her that if she had anything to say to him, she should tell it to him personally and not in front of everyone. Lindsay then revealed that she had felt betrayed by the fact that Voight had not told her about the deal that he made with Internal Affairs. However, their conversation was cut short when he learned that his childhood friend, Nick Marcelo, had been murdered that morning.

They found Nick Marcelo on the rooftop, near the pigeons, with a gunshot to his face and a dollar bill pinned to his chest. His wife, Trish, told them and Voight that she had gone out shopping. When she got back home, Nick Marcelo was dead. Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) then inquired if Nick had been involved in anything recently, as he had done some shady business in the past, but Trish informed them that he was not involved in anything anymore. She also revealed that Nick had been having trouble with a man named Brent Norelli.

Norelli owned a lumberyard, but it was only a front for his own operation. After raiding the warehouse, they found some drugs and discovered that Norelli had holed himself up in his storeroom. He then shot at them thinking that they were a rival gang out to get him. However, Norelli told them in interrogation that he had nothing to do with the two murders and that he had been at a casino playing Black Jack during the time of the murders. His story did check out, but Voight had him thrown in a cell anyway.

The team then discovered that the only thing found that no shells had been found at the crime scenes and that based on the blood spray, the killer was most likely only 5″10. There were no signs of forced entry, and the shots were accurately taken, leading them to believe that whoever murdered Nick and Billy was either a professional or a redneck.

Meanwhile, Officer Adam Ruzek’s (Patrick John Flueger) confidential informant was able to help with the financial forensics of both of the victims.

They discovered that both Billy Fagen and Nick Marcelo ran a loanshark business and that the last client that they had, Dale Hansen, had given up his two dry cleaning shops to them. Voight then instructed Antonio and Jay to check Dale out while he ran an errand.

Voight went to see his old friend, Don Enrietto. Voight, Don and Nick were the best of friends; and they grew up together. The only difference was that Voight became a cop, while the other two stayed on the opposite side of the law.

There, at the social club, Voight talked to Don, thinking that he might be able to help him out in the case, as it involved Nick. However, Don wasn’t helpful at all and told Voight never to come to him again on police business.

Meanwhile, Jay and Antonio visited Dale Hansen. It turned out that he was in the hospital, at the bedside of his wife, who had overdosed on Xanax after she had learned about the fate of their dry cleaning business. Dale himself looked shaken and had bruises and wounds on his face as it seemed like he was beaten up recently. However, he said that he did not do it.

As they left, the two detectives ran into Dale’s daughter, Lauren, and his son, Nate, who both looked pretty shaken up.

Voight also paid another visit to Trish and asked her if Nick and Don had a falling out, as he had sensed that something was off with his old friend. All Trish told him was that Billy Fagen would sometimes drop by. However, she avoided and dodged Voight’s question, giving him no answer whatsoever.

Meanwhile, they learned that another murder had just occurred at Bridgeport, which Lindsay and Detective Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) decided to check out. Inside the garage, they found another man murdered, with a dollar bill pinned on his chest, just like the other two. However, as they heard knocks from the trunk, they opened it to reveal the daughter of the man who was just shot.

At the station, as Lindsay discovered that Colette, the girl, had seen the face of the shooter. She handed her off to Ruzek so that he could input her description into the new software to make a sketch of the shooter. However, as he could not seem to operate it by himself, he asked the help of another police officer.

Colette had described the shooter as a white guy wearing a hoodie. He was clean shaven and had a blank sort of look about him.

While Ruzek was finishing up the sketch, Jay, who had been drinking at a bar that night, got a text message form his landlord that his apartment had been broken into — the first effect of the bounty on his head.

As soon as Ruzek put up the sketch, Jay realized that the sketch matched the description of Nate Hansen, the son of Dale Hansen. It turned out that Nate was studying at a military academy and that he had gone missing three days ago, after his mother had overdosed. Thanks to a quick call to the school, Antonio revealed that the military academy that Nate went to, they were missing some guns and bullets.

When they got to the Hansen home, they found the sister, Lauren, and Nate’s father. Dale then told them that Nate had run out half an hour ago,and that Nate had resorted to doing that, as he had seen the three men, whom he all murdered, beating his father up. He then revealed that there was another boss he had been paying and would sometimes make house calls on him — Don Enrietto.

When they got there, they found that Don had been shot in the arm but was still very much alive. Nate was able to pull the gun on Jay, giving him enough time to escape before Jay started chasing him. He was shortly joined by Lindsay and Officer Kevin Atwater (Laroyce Hawkins), who chased Nate all the way to his mother’s hospital room. There, Jay told him that he knew what he was going through and that he used to work for the army. In order to get the gun away from Nate, he told him that since he was 17 years old, he wouldn’t be tried in court.

At the interrogation room, Nate revealed that the reason why he had pinned those dollar bills on them was because they had wanted their money, and he was just giving it to them. His sister Lauren listened to him confess on the other side of glass. There, Jay revealed that Nate was going to be charged, even though he was a minor, as what he committed was premeditated murder. Lauren was shocked, as Nate had told her that Jay had said that he wouldn’t be tried and realized that Jay had lied to him. However, Jay only did this so that no one else would be hurt by the gun he was carrying around.

While this was happening, Lindsay made an extra effort to meet up with her mother who revealed that she had been clean for seven months and that she wanted to apologize to her.

On a separate night, the two met after Lindsay’s shift for some dinner. Lindsay’s mother brought up some pleasant memories of their past Fourth of July celebrations. However, all Lindsay could remember about the Fourth of July was when she was nine years old, and she had found her mother lying on the floor because of an overdose. She had then carried her mother to the bath tub and had filled it with ice, and waited for her to wake up. However, the very first thing that came out of her mother’s mouth when she came to was to instruct Lindsay to get her her cigarettes. Lindsay then realized that another reason why her mother was only reaching out to her now was because her new fiance would find it strange that she and her daughter don’t meet up or talk anymore.

After this, Lindsay decided to join Jay at the bar he was at. After Lindsay finished teasing him with the bartender girl, Jay asked Lindsay if he could stay at her place for a while, until the bounty on his head “blew over,” to which she agreed.

However, their night was interrupted abruptly, as a man walked into the bar and fired shots in Jay’s direction. Thankfully, he was not hurt, but the bartender girl was badly injured. While Jay tended to her, Lindsay ran out, gun out, and started to chase the shooter down.

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