Children Terrified as Cinema Plays Horror Movie ‘Insidious 3’ Instead of Disney’s ‘Inside Out’

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Children Terrified as Cinema Plays Horror Movie ‘Insidious 3’ Instead of Disney’s ‘Inside Out’
Disney Pixar Animated Movie ‘Inside Out’ Will Make You Cry Buckets

Which movie is dedicated to the kids – “Inside Out” or “Insidious: Chapter 3?” Well, we got even confused over it. Read on for more details.

Family trips to a cinema turned into outrage when the kids were shown “Insidious 3” instead of “Inside Out” at Danbarry Cinema in Middletown, Ohio.

The screen was supposed to show the newly released Disney Pixar animation starring Amy Poehler. However, the projectionist by mistake rolled the horror movie. The majority of the kids were left frightened and some of them instantly started crying after seeing the horrifying pictures.

A local women, Jazmyn Moore, told the Journal-News Facebook page in a post that she and her five children went to the cinema last week to see “Inside Out.”

According to Moore, they all were waiting for the movie to start. When the theater’s light dimmed, suddenly they were stunned seeing the “images of the children being tied up, tormented and killed on the screen instead of any PG-rated animation.” Her children were also “frightened at the sights and sounds.”

As soon as these horrifying pictures started rolling on the screen, all the adults were amazed for a moment and immediately got up their children and hurried out of the theater. While judging from the children and adults’ reactions, the third installment of “Insidious” franchise proved to the most terrifying of them all.

“I got our money back, but the damage is already done… my children are terrified and keep asking questions,” Moore said in the Facebook post.

The cause of the mistake could be the similarity in the initial alphabets as both the movies start with “inside.” The manager, who declined to reveal the name of the projectionist, said that the person on duty at the time expressed regret for the accident and all the viewers had received passes to watch the Disney movie in 3D. He also claimed that Danbarry had not received any other complaints since the mix-up.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Inside Out

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