Children’s Show ‘Teletubbies’ Coming Back on TV for 2015

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Children’s Show ‘Teletubbies’ Coming Back on TV for 2015
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After nearly 14 years since the show took a break from TV, children’s show ‘Teletubbies’ comes back, and it will be introducing a new cast for the four iconic characters and their beloved guardians/gadgets.

The Telegraph reports that this year, ‘Teletubbies’ will be returning to TV to bring a new level of cuteness and fun for children worldwide. BBC announced that they will be bringing in 60 new episodes for the series on their CBeebies network. Aside from that, BBC also promised that the show will be having a new, contemporary look thanks to CGI enhancements.

‘Teletubbies’ tells the daily adventures of the four coloured Teletubbies: the purple Tinky Winky, the green Dipsy, the yellow Laa-Laa, and little red Po. Joining them in the fun is Noo-noo the vacuum cleaner, the Tubby Phone, and the talking trumpet that gives the sequence of the story by telling the Teletubbies their activity for the day.

The BBC show ran for four years from March 1997 to 2001. Due to it being translated in 45 languages and aired in 120 countries, ‘Teletubbies’ was watched by around one billion children.

Though there have been no confirmations yet if any member of the old voice cast will be coming back for the remake series, its new members promise an equally fun series to watch out for, as per US magazine. This includes Jim Broadbent, who played Horace Slughorn in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, and BBC radio DJ Fearne Cotton as the new voices of the talking trumpet. Voicing the new Tubby Phone will be Jane Horrocks.

Ragdoll Worldwide, ‘Teletubbies’ original production company, was bought last year by the DHX Media, along with it the rights of the show. Regarding the remake, ‘Teletubbies’ creator Anne Wood said in an interview that she may not be able to watch the new show. “… I have nothing against them, it might be brilliant. But how could I watch it? All my programs are like my children. It’s like seeing a child remade in somebody else’s image. So good luck to them.”

The new Teletubbies series will be launched on the CBeebies channel later this year.

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