Chinese Box Office: ‘Lost in Hong Kong’ A Clear Winner

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Chinese Box Office: ‘Lost in Hong Kong’ A Clear Winner

The Chinese are flocking to the theaters to watch “Lost in Hong Kong.” This action adventure comedy has so much comedy that it has earned more than 200 million dollars at the Chinese box office.

There’s fun to be had in getting “Lost in Hong Kong.” The movie is the second directorial venture of Xu Zheng, who also co-wrote and starred in the film. The movie tells the story of a middle aged man obsessed with finding his first love whom he hasn’t met since she moved to Hong Kong. While he searches for her while hiding that fact from his brother in law who is travelling with him to Hong Kong, he meets a lot of people who add to the comic confusion of the film. For starters, there are two cops investigating a murder. And the acclaimed director is shooting a riotous gangster movie in the city. The movie gets super funny when all these elements come together to form a goulash so delicious, it melts the brains. Added just for fun are a dozen odd movie references, that keep the audiences rolling with laughter.

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There are Stephen Chow references, there are Jackie Chan references and it would addle your brains if you checked references on the music front. The movie is an all out winner that is looking to dethrone the big budget Hollywood movie, “The Martian.” Given that this is “The Martian’s” first week on the box office and “Lost in Hong Kong’s” third week, you can see that the movie is doing really good there.

The movie’s first part, “Lost in Thailand” was also a big winner at the box office scoring 208 million dollars on its run on the box office. The sequel is catching up too and is expected to surpass the first’s winnings.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the news.

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