Chloë Grace Moretz Felt ‘Awful’ Watching Brothers’ Struggles To Come Out As Gay

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Chloë Grace Moretz Felt ‘Awful’ Watching Brothers’ Struggles To Come Out As Gay
Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz has finally opened up about her two brothers facing discrimination just because they grew up gay. Read on to know more about this issue.

The actress of “Neighbors 2:Sorority Rising” said that it was really awful for her to see both her brothers struggling so hard with anxiety of coming out gay. She was speaking to Nylon magazine for their cover story of December/January.

Moretz is known to be quite close to all her four siblings, who are older to her. The actress was barely in middle school when her two brothers Colin and Trevor declared themselves gay.

She was just 11 years old at that time, an age when kids are extremely aware of certain things and realize what the society around them is like. Kids at that age observe whether a person is kissing a boy or a girl for the first time. That is the age when someone starts being aware of what sexuality is all about.

Moretz said that that the real problem is that we live at a time when no one is bothered about what one’s sexual orientation is, one’s skin color is, or whether one is a man or a woman.


Chloë Grace Moretz remembers with great sadness that both her brothers were bullied quite often in school about their sexuality. She used to get extremely upset when people in the school used the “F-word” for them.

Moretz found it really tough to tolerate when her brothers were bullied or hated and it often made her stand up for them. The actress says that it is nothing new in her family to stand up for protecting gay rights.

When her mother was studying in college, she had lot of gay batch mates. Things were even worse at that time but they belonged to an extremely open household. Moretz said that from a very young age, she has been motivated to fight for minority rights, women’s rights, and gay rights.

Chloë Grace Moretz is now one of Hollywood’s famous actresses and she sincerely hopes that her visibility and fame can be used for continuing her fight for equality.


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Chloë Grace Moretz

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