Choi Siwon’s Beard For ‘She Was Pretty’ Has Become a Topic of Interest for Fans and for Kyuhyun

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Choi Siwon’s Beard For ‘She Was Pretty’ Has Become a Topic of Interest for Fans and for Kyuhyun
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Sometimes, with a lot of talent, hard work, good luck, an entertainer or an actress or an actor’s popularity can catapult overnight, or over the course of a few years. Recently, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has been gaining popularity thanks to his role as Kim Shin Hyuk in the ongoing MBC drama, “She Was Pretty”, despite him not being in the lead role. However, his most recent role, although well received by fans and audiences alike, has caused fellow Super Junior bandmate Cho Kyuhyun to get annoyed at one aspect in Siwon’s physical’s appearance due to the show- his beard. Read on to learn more about what Cho Kyuhyun thinks about Choi Siwon and his beard.

Asian idol groups, normally, have more than four or five members to its name. Super Junior, the group that both Choi Siwon and Cho Kyuhyun belong to, once consisted of a total of around thirteen members.

As the boys, like most groups, spend a lot of time practicing with each other, filming with each other, and resting together, as most of them stayed in their entertainment agency’s dormitories. It is not surprising that the boys have a strong bond with each other, and just like siblings and friends do, they often tease each other.


Recently, according to Soompi, Cho Kyuhyun, who has currently been busy with his comeback activities, as well as activities for his solo career, sat down last Halloween with KBST2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” for a short but fun interview.

In the interview, Kyuhyun mentioned that Siwon, especially due to his role as Kim Shin Hyuk in the MBC drama “She Was Pretty”, which will be ending after three more episodes, has changed a lot.

Kyuhyun stated that Siwon when they first started, was handsome, but now, he has gotten more toned. He joked that Siwon’s beard is driving him crazy, to the point that he would do anything to shave it off of Siwon’s face.

However, it seems that Kyuhyun isn’t that only one bothered by Siwon’s beard, as it turns out that his beard has been a subject of interest with his fans and with fans of the show.

According to another article on Soompi, around a month ago, the entertainer, during a live broadcast  on the Naver V application, he wondered why so many people were talking about his beard. He told the fans to tell the writers what they felt about the beard, so that they could remove it if the fans so wanted.

However, he defended his character’s choice with the beard, as the character that he portrays is the type of man who only shaved if he felt like it.

What is your opinion on Choi Siwon’s beard? Would you want him to lose it or not? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo Source: Official Facebook Page/Super Junior 

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