Choo Sarang Thinks G-Dragon Isn’t That Good Looking!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Choo Sarang Thinks G-Dragon Isn’t That Good Looking!
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People have different tastes and a recent event in one of the popular Kpop artists life confirmed this – G-Dragon. Read on for more details.

According to All K Pop, a lot of fans, specifically women, gush over G-Dragon and it’s as if he’s got everyone wrapped around his finger with his good looks. However, he didn’t please one person, though – Choo Sung Hoon’s daughter, Choo Sarang.

During the 4th episode of “Superman is Back,” Choo asked his daughter if she thinks G-Dragon is good looking and without hesitation, the little girl answered “No.” , which made G-Dragon laugh. To make it even more funny and adorable at the same time, G-Dragon told her that he’s better looking on screen and she didn’t hesitate to give him an honest answer and told him yes. This made everyone laugh.

This isn’t G-Dragon’s first encounter with the funny and adorable little girl because last week’s episode of “Superman Is Back” G-dragon was also caught off guard by Choo Sarang’s actions. He accidentally spilt sauce over her white dress. He helped her clean it up but the girl thinks otherwise and took off her clothes. G-Dragon and Choo Sung Hoon was surprised with the girl’s bold move.

Choo Sarang and G-Dragon’s encounters over the recent episodes of “Superman Is Back” have really entertained fans. These two are definitely adorable on-screen and Choo Sarang doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind, which is really endearing for a child her age. And it also looks like G-Dragon is having fun with the little girl.

On the other hand, Choo Sarang has always been a fan of G-Dragon and Big Bang. G-Dragon’s presence on the show is really heartwarming and we all think that he’s going to be an amazing father in the future.

Photo source: Facebook/G-Dragon

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