Chris Bosh Might Retire From NBA Soon: Here’s What Experts Say About His Health Condition!

By Nimfa Idea | 2 years ago
Chris Bosh Might Retire From NBA Soon: Here’s What Experts Say About His Health Condition!
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Miami star Chris Bosh was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism (PE), a blood clot-related condition that prevents him from playing the rest of the playoffs this year. Because of his condition, rumors about his retirement are swirling. He does not have any plans to give up work, but will he listen to medical experts when they say he should leave the hardcourt and focus on his health?

Chris Bosh, 32, plans to return the floor next season. In a statement he released last month, he said he is optimistic he would still play in the league. This is in spite the fact that he’s on his second bout with blood clot.

Miami Herald sought the advice of a medical expert regarding this matter and they learned that Bosh will have to avoid contact sports in three to six months if he developed a new blood clot in his leg. According to Dr. Robert Myerburg, physician at the University of Miami Health, one of the precautions with this condition is being hit in the head. It could end up being fatal, especially if the athlete is on blood thinners and have trauma. As of now, Bosh is in course of treatment with blood thinners.

Bosh, being a professional athlete, is at greater risk for developing deep vein thrombosis because he spends hours of immobility during long flights to games and he experiences hard blows to the legs playing basketball.

In line with this, a long-time Heat reporter claimed Chris Bosh will not ever play in NBA again. As per Real GM’s report, Ira Winderman said Bosh’s Career could be over. In case he retires from playing in NBA, his team could receive salary-cap and luxury-tax relief in February 2017. Bosh, who signed a five-year, $118 million contract with Heat would still get paid.


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