Chris Brown Denied Australian Visa; GetUp! Petition Gathers Over 14,000 Signature

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Chris Brown Denied Australian Visa; GetUp! Petition Gathers Over 14,000 Signature

Chris Brown has had his visa application denied, as this December the “Loyal” singer plans to put up his “One Hell of a Nite” tour to Australia. Read on.

Australian jurisdiction has official forewarn Brown with a “notice of intention to consider refusal” of his visa based on his domestic violence history with Rihanna in 2009, as per the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said in a statement Sunday, reported The Guardian.

In the official statement Dutton said, “People to whom these notices are issued have 28 days to present material as to why they should be given a visa to enter Australia,” prior to which decision are made on issuing the visa.

Brown just has 2 8days in which he can appeal against the conviction. The 26-year-old singer begs liabilities to charges arising from a brutal abuse on former girlfriend Rihanna 6 years ago. As per reports Brown has been declared of punching the hitmaker with a closed fist, pulling her out of a car and menacing to kill her, placing her in the hospital.


The present Minister for Women Michaelia Cash recommended Dutton to take a strong action on Brown. Cash said, “People need to understand — if you are going to commit domestic violence and then you want to travel around the world, there are going to be countries that say to you, ‘You cannot come in because you are not of the character that we expect in Australia,” reports CNN on Thursday.

This is not the first country to put a check on Brown’s entry, previously British jurisdiction and Canada has blocked him from staging in worry that he might create a threat to its natives.

Australian’s ‘GetUp!’ petition “No, Chris Brown. You’re not welcome in Australia” has been filed for Chris Brown to be banned from entering the country. The motif behind the petition is not to say ‘no’ to pop music but ‘no’ to violence against women, if you turn a blind eye to his Brown’s tour you just convey a message to victim survivors to get over it soon. Nobody wants that right?

Hence, the petition helps you to stand up against any man who beats up a woman brutally. The petition has gathered more than 14,000 signature while Stephanie McCarthy ‏ tweeted  a photo of Brown’s concert poster at Melbourne decorated with stickers  -“I Beat Women.”

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