Chris Brown Faces Tough Competition Over Love for Royalty

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Chris Brown Faces Tough Competition Over Love for Royalty
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American singer and actor, Chris Brown may be facing a tough competition over his daughter, Royalty. Nia’s current boyfriend, King Ba has revealed a new tattoo which reportedly is dedicated to Royalty’s mother Nia and Royalty herself. From the recent photos uploaded on Instagram, it is clear that King Ba wants to involve more with Chris Brown and Nia’s daughter Royalty.

In the picture, King has deliberately stuck his arm out to feed his girlfriend’s daughter, Royalty showing off his new two tattoos above his wrist. One is a ‘crown’ and another one is ‘Nia’ written in cursive with a caption stating on Instagram, “Been a Dad Still a Dad… Minus All the Nonsense That Been Going On We Still Kick It.”

A year back when King Ba found out that Nia was carrying Chris Brown’s baby, he broke off with her, but then the cupid hit him again. The couple reconciled in March and ever since then, King is trying very hard to be involved with the young daughter and the mother.

Chris Brown is also trying a different way to show his affection to his daughter. From the sources, it is clear that Brown is working very hard to make songs that are dedicated to his daughter. Also in March, TMZ reported that Brown had asked Nia to move with him to LA so he could give all his time to their daughter, Royalty.

But fans of Chris Brown need not worry about Royalty’s custody and the word ‘custody’ clearly implies that the other man, hear King Ba should have some legal standing in this matter. And at present, he is not Royalty’s biological father and neither is he married to Nia Guzman. From a legal standpoint, he is literally just some guy!

All we can say that if King Ba is truly concerned about the welfare and happiness of Chris and Nia’s daughter, he should not publicly antagonize Chris Brown. But it’s just another tale from Hollywood, and we are sure that Royalty will be blessed to get love from one mother and two fathers!

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Chris Brown

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