Is Chris Brown Involved In Another Assault Issue?

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Is Chris Brown Involved In Another Assault Issue?
Chris Brown allegedly assaults a man in Las Vegas.

Chris Brown was named a suspect in an assault that took place on Monday during a basketball game. Las Vegas authorities wanted to have a word with the R&B singer after a man reported seeing Brown play ball at the Palms Casino Resort. During that time, an argument took place wherein the singer punched the man, reported CNN.

The report went on saying another man, who was apparently on Chris Brown’s side hit him when he prepared to defend himself.

A news release was released by the Las Vegas police saying, the verbal altercation on the court has led to a fight. It continued saying the victim was hit by another man who was identified to be the R&B singer.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old artist denied being involved in the argument or any physical fight, through his publicist Nicole Perna.

In a statement Perna said, Chris Brown is currently in Vegas for an event on May 5. She also said that Chris would be receiving a Key at Drai’s on the same day as well. She confirmed Chris has checked in the hotel where a basketball court was and later invited his friends to come and play. However, there was an unruly individual who showed up without invitation. The person was later removed, added Perna. Furthermore, she said Chris was not involved in any argument or physical fight with the person.

The victim who alleged having been hit by Chris Brown was brought to the Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center for the treatment of his injuries. He was later on released after being treated, said CNN.

The Las Vegas authorities went to the hotel where Chris Brown checked in but was unable to talk with the singer as he was not available. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has given Brown the option to sign a citation for misdemeanor battery. Brown was also given another option to submit the case to Clark County District Attorney Office.

The authorities have not received any response from Chris Brown or his counsel whether or not he would sign the citation.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Chris Brown

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