Chris Brown Not Welcome In Australia

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Chris Brown Not Welcome In Australia
Chris Brown

Chris Brown will no longer be able to go for his American tour in December.

At the launch of 100 million Australian dollar ($70 million) as government initiative to prevent domestic violence, the two minister Michaelia Cash and prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull spoke on Chris Brown Australian tour and approval of his visa.

Michaelia Cash, who was assistant minister for Immigration and Border Protection before a Cabinet re-shuffles this week, said she would recommend that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton refuse the 25-year-old American a visa on character grounds.(Via Yahoo!News)

Adhering to her statement Michaelia says, “There are people who think that they can travel in any part of the world after committing domestic violence, there are going to be countries that will give no green signal to such people.”

Providing clarification on the policy of Australia, she went on to add, “Australia is a country where no such person who has been involved in any crime is welcomed. We have a government that is not afraid to say NO.”

Britain, Canada and New Zealand are other countries who have also refused visas for Chris.

Michaelia Cash is not the only one who wants Chris visa to be refused but Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull also supports her. He says, “Cash has very brilliantly expressed the thoughts of the government.” It’s not the first time that Chris was touring to Australia but this time the government is under pressure as activist have been campaigning against Brown’s tour of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

‘Don’t Judge Me’ singer assaulted his then girlfriend and pop star Rihanna during Grammy Awards, 2009. After which he pleaded for his deed and was freed from probation this year.

Now Chris has 28 days to appeal again and give reason to why he should be granted a visa, after which a final decision will be made. Chris is scheduled to go on tour in Australia in December, and tickets are due to go on sale on Monday reported BBC.

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