Chris Brown : Still In ‘Love’ with Rihanna

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Chris Brown : Still In ‘Love’ with Rihanna

Well! Chris Brown isn’t done with surprising us. Read on for more details.

After Brown’s jaw-dropping performance on Rihanna’s smash hit ‘BBHMM’, during a recent concert in Macau, the ‘Loyal’ singer surged about the Barbadian singer in a new interview, revealing that he still has a lot of ‘love’ for her!

Brown has recently made news after he calls Rihanna “my b***h for life,” and sang her song, but he thinks it was perfectly normal. Though Rihanna and Brown’s relationship ended years ago, she still holds special place in his heart.  He revealed that not only is everything “cool” between him and the “BBHMM” singer, but that there’s still a lot of love there!

In a recent interview with Tim Westwood, following his performance in Cyprus, when being asked about his song choice Brown said.

“She’s my homie though. We knew each other since we were 14, 15 so with that kind of history, we are always going to be cool. I don’t get jealous. I don’t get mad. I got nothing but love and respect for her.” Brown said.

Isn’t that amazing?

Furthermore when being asked about Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Drake,  Inquisitr reported that Brown isn’t interested in bringing up the past.

“I don’t partake in beefs and stuff no more, because, with me, I am more mature now,” Brown said.

Brown continued by saying he respects Rihanna as an artist. Actually both Breezy and RiRi are supportive of each other’s music. They also sang ‘Post To Be’ together at the BET Awards.

It is also reported by Urban Islandz that Brown went out of their past and reached out to her. He did it to ask her for a feature collaboration on his newest project.

“I think there might be a dope Rihanna and Chris Brown song coming this year. These two have collaborated before and make dope hit music so when they come together you can expect something crazy.” the source said.

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Photo Source – Facebook/Chris Brown and Rihanna

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