Chris Evans and Lily Collins Have Date Night, with Ex-Girlfriend Minka Kelly Around

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Chris Evans and Lily Collins Have Date Night, with Ex-Girlfriend Minka Kelly Around
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One of the most awkward situations one can get into is when they go out for a date with a new girl, only to find their ex-girlfriend hanging out in the same place! This is exactly what happened with Chris Evans when he and Lily Collins went out for dinner, only to see Minka Kelly there too!

On Saturday, March 21, Chris Evans and Lily Collins were spotted having dinner at the Italian restaurant Pace in Los Angeles. Their date may have also been set up as a belated birthday celebration for Collins, who just celebrated her 26th birthday last Wednesday, March 18.  Whatever spark they may have had that night may have cooled off a bit, because shortly after the rumored couple arrived in the restaurant, Evans’ ex-girlfriend Minka Kelly was spotted arriving in Pace with a friend.

Perez Hilton reported that some witnesses saw Kelly and her friend arrive, and she apparently didn’t look too happy when she spotted Evans’ car right outside the restaurant. But despite the initial awkwardness the three celebrities may have felt upon seeing each other, the night reportedly went on in its stride without a hitch. Evans was later seen leaving the restaurant with Collins.

Evans and Kelly reportedly started their on-and-off relationship back in 2007. After their first breakup, Kelly dated baseball player Derek Jeter until 2011. A year later, she was dating Evans again, but broke up again in 2013. Although, reports say that they broke up in good terms, as they are spotted hanging out together in some occasions.

Rumours of Evans dating Collins started in February 2015, when they first met during the Vanity Fair’s Oscars after party. Sources said that they are still in the ‘getting to know’ stage of a relationship, not surprisingly so since they’ve just met. Prior to her ‘dating’ Evans, Collins was romantically linked to Thomas Cocquerel last February 2014. She also previously dated Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, and Jamie Campbell Bower.

What do you think of how Chris Evans and Lily Collins handled the awkward situation of seeing Minka Kelly while they’re on a date? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Pat Loika

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