Chris Evans Talks About The End Of Captain America Says “Nothing Lasts Forever”

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Chris Evans Talks About The End Of Captain America Says “Nothing Lasts Forever”
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“Nothing lasts forever” these are the words of Captain America, or more specifically actor Chris Evans, during a discussion regarding the end of his contract with Marvel. Evans has played the super soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has since become synonymous with the role itself.

With Marvel fans still reeling from Hugh Jackman’s retirement as Wolverine, Evans seemed to be picking on the wound. Whether you’re a fan of Cap of not, you have to admit that actor changes are a major bummer.

However, with the advent of the Cinematic Universes, actors and actresses now find themselves playing the same character over and over again. And probably due to a busy schedule or simply being fed up with the role, replacing the original actors is inevitable.

The only exception to this is probably Robert Downey Jr. who has played Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man for nearly a decade now. Stark and RDJ’s personality are essentially interchangeable which is probably why he was able to stretch his Disney contract for so long.

Of course, this is a special case of an actor being perfect for a role. The same can be said for Hugh Jackman who, more or less, held a monopoly on the role of Wolverine. This is why so many were upset when he announced he was retiring from the role.

Captain America

Chris Evans Is Captain America As Hugh Jackman Is Wolverine

Chris Evans is probably in the same boat as these two but unlike Tony Stark or Logan, the role of Captain America doesn’t really have the quirks that make them unique.

Steve Rogers is the quintessential good guy. He doesn’t have the personality of Stark, he doesn’t have the foul mouth of Wade Wilson, and he doesn’t have the rage-filled directionless existence and expression of Logan.

These roles were essentially made for the actors who play them. Chris Evans as Rogers, on the other hand, can be interchangeable just as Terrence Howard for James Rhodes.

Evans probably knows this which is why the conversation about the end of his contract came to mind. While it will be hard to accept him being gone from the MCU, the reaction will probably not as bad as if it happened with RDJ.

Still, he acknowledges that this is still too far down the road to be of any concern according to USA Today. With Avengers: Infinity War and other films currently in works, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still at the peak of its popularity.

Suddenly replacing Evans, or any Avenger for that matter would be akin to shooting yourself in the foot. We’re sure that the executives at Disney are smarter than that.

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Chris Evans Will Begin Filming For Infinity War

And speaking of the Avengers, Evans will begin filming for Infinity War and the fourth Avenger film this May as reported by Movieweb. The films serve as a culmination of the first two films with Thanos now playing the main antagonist.

The character has been teased for so long that fans can’t contain their excitement at the prospect. Add to that the rumored billion dollar budget for both films and the hype is through the roof. And it’s not just the Avengers because so far Phase 3 of the MCU appears to be a success.

After Civil War, it seems that the gang no longer need an Avenger film to get together. This means that Evans will probably don the costume outside an Avenger or Captain America film. With that in mind, Chris Evans and his fans can rest easy for the moment. With the MCU enjoying its well-earned popularity, projects will probably come aplenty.

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