Chris Evans to Retire from Acting?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Chris Evans to Retire from Acting?

Chris Evans has enthralled audiences everywhere around the world with his portrayal of the World War veteran Captain Steve Rogers aka “Captain America.” Considered to be his second role after playing the Human Torch in “Fantastic Four,” the latter character has given him a different identity altogether. With every passing year, Evans’ portrayal of the character increased. After having starred in the role for four times, “Captain America: Civil War” will see him dawn the shield of liberty for a fifth time. The question is will he want to continue doing this?

According to Guardian Liberty Voice, Evans has been hinting at departing from the character as reportedly his contract is also coming to an end. It was reported way back in 2011 that the actor has a 5 movie deal with Marvel, which was later mentioned as a 6 movie deal.

There are chances that after having finished his contract with Marvel, the actor might bid adieu to the role as well as the studio. In a very candid interview with Variety, Evans explained that the initial contract that Marvel offered him was for 9 movies. It could very well stretch till after 2020 since the fifth movie “Captain America: Civil War,” which he is currently shooting for is going to release next year in 2016. He has been wanting to focus on doing other movies as well, movies that are not superhero related. However those movies have not really parted well. Thankfully, the actor does realize it and accepts it quite calmly.

If he does say no to acting or if he does discontinue from the Marvel contract, there is one other thing that he has developed passion for and wants to try his hands on. Directing is what has been on the actor’s mind. He is quite sure as soon as he is done with his Marvel contract he would like to take the load off and get to it.

For the time being, it is unknown when will Evans hang up the shield since his fifth movie is in production and also he could reconsider continue playing Captain America till 2018-19, because that is when “Avengers: Infinity War” will take place and our superheroes will need a leader with tremendous amount of experience to lead them against an invincible enemy.

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Photo source: Facebook/Marvel Cinematic Universe

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