Chris Hemsworth Joins Instagram; Posts a Terrifying Picture

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago
Chris Hemsworth Joins Instagram; Posts a Terrifying Picture
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Chris Hemsworth joined Instagram a few days ago. Read on to see what his first ever Instagram post looks like.

Many Hollywood stars have been posting their photos on Instagram for years, but the 32-year-old Australian actor just made his debut on the said photo sharing website/application. The “Thor” actor seemed to want to make his Instagram debut memorable because his first every post was funny yet terrifying.

Check out his first Instagram post below:

Hangin' with the locals in my backyard… the real Jurassic Park!

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In his first ever photo, which was posted on Oct. 12, 2015, Hemsworth is peering over a large slithering friend (or maybe a foe) in the background. The image seems terrifying to some of us, but the actor doesn’t seem to be afraid of the limbless reptile. Maybe he’s used to seeing things like that in his backyard.

According to People Magazine, it is unclear if the actor owns the snake. However, he and his 39-year-old wife, Elsa Pataky, adopted a puppy in Nov. 2014. The couple began dating in early 2010 after meeting through their representatives. They got married in December 2010 and they now share 3 children: Rose (3 years old) and twin sons Sasha and Tristan (both 1 year old).

Hemsworth posted his second Instagram photo on Oct. 15, 2015, and captioned it: “The family who trains together, stays together!”

The family who trains together, stays together!

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In the adorable photo above, Hemsworth is doing his workout with his toddler. It seems that he prefers to lift toddlers than dead weights!

Chris Hemsworth Instagram account, which contains 2 posted pictures as of the moment, is fairly new but it already has a lot of followers. As of the writing of this article, the actor has over 444,000 followers on Instagram. He might be a newbie in the social media scene, but he’s already killing it! Fans are surely happy because they now get to see a glimpse of Hemsworth’s life through Instagram. Did you follow him yet?

Photo source: Twitter/Chris Hemsworth

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